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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Trend Forecast

New York-based fashion forecasting firm Fashion Snoops has released four key Women's trend stories in their spring summer 2018 fashion forecast. I'll be sharing more about each trend below, along with visuals including: mood boards, design details, materials, key items, interactive product widgets, and color palettes. 

*Please note that this blog post is from Fashion Snoops. Students, please feel free to use this information for school projects if you properly cite both Fashion Snoops and The Key To Chic as sources.

1. Individualist

The Individualist woman is an art curator as well as an activist. A somewhat unlikely pairing, she appreciates art at a high level and promotes social reform through industry fundraisers and society functions. She embraces political artivism and encourages change by layering wisdom with creativity. 
individualist fashion trend forecast spring summer 2018
The Individualist is inspired aesthetically by all things beautiful, yet she pushes boundaries with an unexpected mix of artwork and immersive structures in her gallery. It's in this contemporary mix that she develops her own trademark style embodying sophistication and eclectic, modern design. 
individualist fashion trend forecast mood

Materials are polyester satin, metallic woven lamé, and cotton shirting. Patterns are nonsensical, hectic expressionism, and identity crisis. Design details are ruffles, asymmetric hems, and sequins. Key items are the overcoat, reworked shirt, and asymmetric skirt.
individualist fashion trend forecast key items

individualist remix trend mood board
Browse Individualist pieces:

2. Neuetradition

The Neuetradition woman is a bold new leader and fearless pioneer of a young society rebuilding their city. She is a philosopher and thinker, taking on a new age where everything has to be rethought and redesigned. She deconstructs the pillars of tradition, evolving them into something new and functional, creating an essence of raw sophisticated beauty.
neuetradition mood board spring summer 2018

The Neuetradition philosophy believes in utilizing, reusing, and reinventing everything from redeveloped buildings to reconstructed tailored suits. Key items are the asymmetric skirt, ankle strap mules, and heeled oxfords. Key materials are high shine finishes, seamed leather, and denim. Design details for footwear include braided seams, pieced seams, and square toe shapes.
neuetradition fashion trend styling

neuetradition fashion forecast materials

neuetradition trend design details

Browse Neuetradition items:

3. Quest

As a professional photographer and passionate traveler, the Quest woman is an avid explorer, specializing in the study of foreign tribes. She lives a nomadic lifestyle, with a gypsy-like flair. She believes that life is an adventure in which you should walk unafraid, allowing yourself to be free and letting your wanderlust reign.
quest spring summer 2018 fashion trend mood board

Her home is a collection of her treasures, eclectic souvenirs, and an array of rare objects. With her effortless style and easy going, charming personality, she is able to gain access to unknown destinations and uncover hidden gems.
quest fashion trend styling

Key items are cargo pants, ankle wrap sandals, and shoeties. Important details include mixed patterns, tassels, pom poms, and braided leather. Key materials are woven leather, sheer silk, suede, and woven cord. 
quest fashion trend details

quest fashion forecast materials

See examples of Quest:

4. Sensory

The Sensory woman defines our tech-obsessed society, which becomes increasingly parallel to virtual reality. The secret to her success is the ease at which she could slip into an alter personality. She fully embraces sci-fi fantasy and is obsessed with new teleportation theories. 
sensory fashion trend forecast mood board

Everything about her surroundings exudes extreme reality, from slick, hydra-charged colors to performance tech materials in her office and home. Surrounded by so much adrenaline and fantasy, it's easy to get lost between worlds, and that's exactly the point. 
sensory fashion trend styling

Key items are tech shorts, stocking boots, velcro sandals, and neoprene boots. Design details to note are back zips, iridescent piping, velcro straps, and PVC ankle cuffs. Materials are neoprene, metallics, ripstop nylon, and mesh nylon.
sensory fashion forecast design details

sensory fashion forecast materials

View examples of Sensory:

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