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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Men's Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Fashion Trend Forecast

In this post I'll be sharing four key fashion trends that New York-based firm Fashion Snoops is highlighting in their Men's fall 2018/winter 2019 fashion trend forecast. These trends are born out of the following four cultural macro trends: 

Though Space and Time - about escapism, unknown worlds, and virtual reality
Human Nature - about being off the grid, biotech, and eco-tourism
Emotional Capacity - focus on spiritual practices, mindfulness, fragility and fear
Identity - includes the gender blur, personalization, and modern relationships

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1. Portal
Portal is a focus on heritage mills with a collision of eras and the United Kingdom as inspiration. It's travel through space and time to another generation. There is directional knitting with a tailored and easy silhouette. Updated plaids and pieced wovens are key. Portal takes the Scottish countryside or the East End of London as inspiration. It's about the relaxation of formality with tweedy layers and regal trims. 

Key words to describe Portal are: ancestral, tweedy, fearless combinations, Scottish romance, and heritage mills.

portal men's trend forecast mood

The color palette for Portal includes historic neutrals and oil-on-canvas hues with a time-worn patina. 

portal men's trend forecast colors

Materials are tactile: bouclé tweed, chunky corduroy, burnout velvet, blanket flannels, extreme marl, and yarn-dyed twill. 

portal trend forecast materials

portal trend forecast patterns

Design details include heritage logos, ruffle plackets and piping, lining embellishment, self-belts, and pieced shirtings.

portal trend forecast design details

Must-haves are the Westminster coat, mill sweater, Viceroy suit, regal sweatshirt, driving cap, bold readers, monk strap shoes, loafers, and briefcases.

See examples of Portal:

2. Aether
The Aether trend story focuses on outdoor heritage brands, cozy tech, heavyweight flannels, old-school logos, performance tailoring, and rugged casual bottoms. It's about smarter fabric blends and all shades of green. Iceland serves as the setting. 

Key words to characterize the trend include: unreal colors, recycled, lush terrain, infinite energy, and eco-scientist. 

aether trend forecast mood

Colors for Aether are lush and energetic with organic beauty. 

aether men's trend forecast colors

Materials are recycled fleece, metallic mesh, tech flannel, smart down, and waterproof knits. Flex fit and stretch are both key. 

aether men's fashion forecast materials

aether men's fashion forecast patterns
Design details are lacing overlays, tech pockets, logo panels, cozy collars with patterns, and adventure patches. 

aether men's fashion forecast design details

Must-have items are: the trail coat, lodge sweater, tech suit, lab flannel shirt, clean cargo pants, the quest knit, blanket scarf, nylon belt, runners, rucksack, and sport watch.

Browse examples of Aether:

3. Sohei Order
Sohei Order is about the zen of tailored clothing, imperfect perfection, underground retail, Asian cultures, traditional uniforms, and asymmetric silhouettes. There is a focus on Japan, as well as on convertible styling.

Sōheis were warrior monks in feudal and Medieval Japan. Today, they represent the man who is always on the move and full of silent energy - a dark superhero on the search of self-enlightenment. This guy finds sanctuary and spirit through perfected design.

Key words for this story are: simple complexity, dark zen, silent energy, warrior monk, Tokyo nights, and bringer of light. 

sohei order fashion trend forecast mood

Colors for this trend story echo the dramatic shadows and neon brights of Tokyo. They are subtle but impactful. "Catalyst" is a notable blackish green color.

sohei order trend forecast colors

Materials move with you and include: bubble nylon, flexible leather, noisy weaves, flocked flannel, and heavyweight jersey.

sohei order fashion forecast materials

sohei order trend forecast patterns

Design details are: kimono utility, diagonal pockets, leather braiding, convertible cuffs, and warrior patches.

sohei order trend forecast designd etails
Must-have items are: warrior pants, the dojo sweatshirt, flex suits, the dark zen sweater, ringed belts, leather bracelets, sneaker boots, and the body pack.

See examples of Sohei Order:

4. Assemblage
Assemblage is a light-hearted theme that highlights the "Gucci effect" with crafted surfaces, a focus on fabrics, and protest through art. It includes experimental knits, conversational details, super furry outerwear, dip dye + bleaching, pieced construction, and ultra-relaxed silhouettes. There's an undercurrent of grunge, positive protest, and crafty streetwear. 

Key words for Assemblage include: lost traditions, new disruptors, open source design, awake(n), creative rebel, and you-nique. 

assemblage fashion trend forecast mood

The color palette is sweet, with lots of pink and neutrals. 

assemblage fashion forecast colors

Materials are crocheted knits, hairy woolens, bleached-out jersey, recycled scraps, tweed growths, and braided cable knit. 

assemblage trend forecast materials

assemblage trend forecast patterns

Design details include: happy blooms appliqué, crochet pockets, needlepoint patches, sweater sleeves, yarn fringe, and the cozy collar. 

assemblage fashion forecast design details
Must-haves are: the thrift coat, street dandy suit, craft sweater, scarf shirt, reclaimed sweatshirt, textured belts, the short scarf, vintage runners, the beanie, and shirt pins.

Browse examples of Assemblage:

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