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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Men's Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Fashion Trend Forecast

In this Men's fall 2019 winter 2020 fashion trend forecast, I'll be sharing four seasonal narratives by New York-based trend experts Fashion Snoops. These four trends are based on four macro trends, which I'll briefly cover. With each trend, I'll share the key takeaways, key words, color palettes, materials, patterns, key items, and designer examples.

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Before we get into each trend story, here are the four macro trends from which they are derived.

1. All In - This is all about community, the impact of empathy, and inclusion. There are more gender neutral assortments, inclusive design, and new classics with an emphasis on denim. 

2. Selfishly Aware - This macro trend looks at the cause and reaction of constantly being on social media. It focuses on our dependency on likes and social currency. The Instagrammable design movement is taking hold for brands. For clothing, this means convertible design, bold statements, shock value design, and modular design.

3. Life 3.0 - This is a conversation of today, not science fiction. The impact of robotics is an agent of change. There's a concern for online protection and privacy. Takeaways are performance-correcting wearables, bigger silhouettes, auto-cooling and heating textiles, and planetary graphics.

4. Pursuit of Happiness - Looks at redefining what success means, freelance culture, the idea of access over ownership, seeking rest, taking extreme vacations, and off-the-grid travel. There's a dawning of consciousness in the workforce in which we look at how to make workers happy. Takeaways are a spike in astrology, romantic drama, workplace sanctuaries, and self-health care.

The four Men's trend themes are: Kindred, Composite, Arcadia, and Lair.

1. Kindred
Kindred comes from the All In macro trend and speaks to a focus on community. The concept of community has never been more important, especially as political and societal divisions threaten the very notion. In this seasonal narrative, he's a modern day John Steinbeck whose emotions are heightened in these turbulent times. What is the role of heritage in today's world? Does it hark back to simpler times with fewer choices? He finds new hope in reminders of nostalgia and family. He feels comforted by imperfect surfaces that are made better with time. He seeks out high-quality provisions from a general store atmosphere that nicely curates his style. Industrial details and pastoral silhouettes come together for a new expression of basics. Shapes and details are amplified in intensity to evoke a protective quality. As the epitome of today's pioneer, the man behind Kindred moves from the chaotic city to uncharted rural territories in search of bucolic refinement and rugged character, and does it with heart and soul along the way. 

Key takeaways for Kindred: focus on community, time-honored classics, fabrics get better with time, "surban" (suburban + urban) living, new applications of tweed, imperfect harmony, general store merchandising, year-round layering, celebrate a brand's heritage, and denim that's not precious.

Key words are: modern Americana, creative community, rural refinement, heart + soul, and new hope.

Kindred is inspired by: regionalism art, Americana, new community, updated heritage, focus on basics, and cozy surroundings.
The color palette is a mix of bucolic golds, homespun blues, and steely greys. 
Materials are time-honored and cozy, with character. Heavy knits, run-on stripes, winter cottons, and flannels are key. 

Patterns are portraits, modern quilting, concrete florals, rustic plaids and ginghams. 

Key items are the dramatic and comfortable overcoat, oversized sweaters, rugged suiting separates, tailored vests, sneaker boots, the casual derby shoe, and the driving cap in tweed.

See more about the Kindred trend:

2. Composite
This story comes from the macro trend Selfishly Aware. Today's man is involved in an ongoing conversation about how to build his personal style according to his own rules. In Composite, which is defined as something made up of various parts or elements, there is a visual dialogue of masculine and feminine, gritty and refined, and industrial and luxurious. Inspired by some of today's most influential designers who welcome the best of all worlds to their aesthetic, this seasonal narrative adds a much-needed streetwise edge to styles that are otherwise wardrobe basics. Consider it the perfect mix of downtown and uptown, with a contemporary focus on modularity and adaptability. Picture the man in Composite as an industrial furniture designer who makes the best out of what he finds on the streets, fusing unlikely materials with refined surfaces. The same can be applied to his daily look, with a blend of shiny and matte, classic and forward, and sporty and formal. 

Key takeaways for Composite are: democratic luxury, sporty meets handsome, personalization is king, modular style, new evolution of streetwear, sophisticated shine, masculine fancy, expressive color, continuation of color, and rethinking classic silhouettes.

Key words include: grit and glam, industrial design, push + pull, and streetwise edge.

Composite is inspired by: visual contrasts, modular style, industrial design, a mix of downtown vs. uptown, and designer Dozie Kanu.
The color is expressive and bold. There are also gritty neutrals, greys, and browns. 

Materials are a mix of fancy, artsy, and industrial. Modular texture, cozy textures, and surfaces that look engineered are key. 

Patterns include: velvet with movement, a New Wave influence, spliced traditions, and abstract body parts or face graphics.

Key items are modular suiting, oversized sweaters, lustrous track pants, fabric blocked sweatshirts, the bucket hat, crossbody bags, chunky sneakers in bold colors, nylon belts, body bags, coin pouches, and bleached trucker jackets. 

Browse the Composite trend:

3. Arcadia
Arcadia comes from the Life 3.0 macro trend. The future has never been closer than it is today. Humans have always had an itch to explore and discover new worlds, but the need to stay grounded to the human spirit remains a crucial element for innovation. Greek for "a vision of utopia", Arcadia focuses on the man who is interested in the concepts and designs of tomorrow, but stays in constant contact with what it means to be a sensory-driven being. The result is a warm, organic expression of an approaching paradise, complemented with just the right amount of sci-fi charm. In his metaphorical search for the best parts of the future, he brings with him cultural relics of the past. We call these things "aesthetifacts"- fine art, handed-down pottery, time-honored fabrics, beautiful plants, and music. This new serene sanctuary of his making is an experimentation in 21st century retro futurism, with close ties to what made the human race what it was. The ultra modern lines and natural textures show us what archetypical classics would look like in a world that's yet to come. 

Takeaways for Arcadia are: "aesthetifacts" (aesthetics and artifacts), taking the past into the future, sophisticated wearable tech, cozy techno, new space age, lightweight heavyweight, fabrics that move, workwear trim, unbelievable colors, and good-looking utility.

Key words for Arcadia are: human connection, relics of the past, relatable future, ethno futurism, electric utopia, and odyssey.

Arcadia is inspired by: Iceland, ethno futurism, modern Scandinavia, and outdoor heritage.
Colors are bright and lush, with a wide range of greens from basil to pine. Cool pastels are also included, as well as water-inspired blues. 

Materials are a fusion of man-made and natural. Spongy or bubbly textures are key. Quilting techniques and bonded techno fabrics are important. 

Patterns are marbled, liquid sculptures, retro futurism, and architectural photorealism for graphic tees. 
Key items are: the quest technical parka, ribbed turtleneck sweater, shirt jackets, knit sneakers, metallic boots, utility jeans, and denim bombers. 

See examples of Arcadia:

4. Lair
Lair comes from the Pursuit of Happiness macro trend. Luxury can be seductive in its reach. From buttery leathers and blanket-like woolens to coats that envelop the man and the perfect power suit in textural wool, the richness of opulence can mean many things. In Lair, a well-hidden resting place in the grittiest corners of Los Angeles, Berlin, or Paris awaits the man who finds power in the dark and bewitching. Nowhere near the forest, his spellbinding influence comes from an unexpected twist on tailored shapes and urbane styling. His potion of choice is whiskey secured in an underground, members-only bar or super exclusive gastro-lounge in an obscure part of the city. The ultimate food and drink experience amplify his preference for dressing up. He seeks out new ways to make formal influences not only sexy but also cool. It's a turn of the century and new wave at once. Mystical powers come from a look that's industrial and refined, with shadowy injections of mother nature like serpents and nightshade botanicals in the middle of the city loft.

Key takeaways for Lair include: cool formal, a focus on winter cottons, all about the senses, clothing for experiences, new expressions of leather, dark and dreamy florals, super sophisticated accessories, dramatic outerwear, tailored denim, and a gent & his club.

Key words for Lair are: seeking seclusion, underworld, downtown formal, handsome sorcery, spellbinding, and members only.

Lair is inspired by: members only clubs, experiential restaurants, underground whiskey bars, and dark luxury.
Colors for Lair are perfect for holiday; they are warm and mystical. Mid-tones dominate, with olive greens and browns. Watery accents emphasize the romantic quality of menswear.
Materials are romantic, indulgent fabrics. Texture and shine are important. There are lightweight leathers, crepe suiting, dimensional knits in Art Deco motifs, and winter cottons such as wide wale corduroy and velvet.

Patterns are driven by speakeasy clubs. Plaids are rustic, reptilian motifs are key, and we see animal prints, in addition to smoky florals.
Key items are the speakeasy overcoat, the dress scarf (see John Varvatos), the Ritz suit (in corduroy or velvet), deep V-neck sweaters, silk shirts, velvet pants, the token necklace, leather sneakers for dressing up, the weekender bag, and portfolio bags.

Explore examples of Lair:

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