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Monday, November 12, 2018

Holiday 2018 Gifts Under $50

Can you believe that 2018 is almost over? I know it's not even Thanksgiving or Black Friday yet, but you can never be too prepared for the holidays. To get myself and my readers ready for the holiday shopping season, I'm previewing the holiday deals online at my favorite retailers such as Nordstrom, Target, and Macy's. In this holiday gift guide, I'll be sharing some stylish and affordable gift ideas for everyone that are under $50. See what to get your loved ones, stay on budget, and maybe even reward yourself with something special. You deserve it. 

November 14, 2018 update - More sales to check out right now:

Anthropologie - 20% off all home items (ends soon)

ASOS - 30% off dresses and jumpsuits

Lord & Taylor - take 40% off sitewide with code DEALS until November 19

Macy's - receive up to 30% off sitewide plus 15% cosmetics with code FALLBACK until November 16

Nordstrom - fall sale up to 40% off until November 18

Shopbop - fall sale with up to 40% off

Target - save up to 25% on home items through November 17

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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Look for Less - Chloé Rylee Boots

With the success of the beloved Chloé Susanna boots, it seems fitting that the newest ankle boot by Chloé is also adored by bloggers and celebrities. Chloé expertly strikes the right balance of easy chic and embellished details that drives street style and retail trends season after season. The new Chloé Rylee boot is a tough-looking style with a nod to Western vibes. It features a Cuban heel, sleek cut outs, and a lace-up construction. The Rylee boots come in a variety of colors, including snake prints. There are also low-cut and knee-high styles, making the boot a versatile and sought-after style for all seasons. With price points upwards of $900, they are a serious purchase to consider. 

Here's how Chrissy Teigen, Margot Robbie, and Sienna Miller wear their Rylee boots. 

Chloe Rylee Boots Street Style

photos via whowhatwear.com

They pair well with short skirts, midi dresses, and flirty dresses, but I can also imagine them with cropped denim, skinny trousers, or leggings. 

Shop the Chloé Rylee boots:

The Look for Less

If you're in search of Chloé Rylee boot look alikes, there are many versions that won't ruin your budget. 

Shop the look under $200:

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Shop ankle boots:

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Stella McCartney Eclypse Sneakers Review

As the chunky dad sneaker trend began to grow on me, I caught a glimpse of the Stella McCartney Eclypse sneakers while browsing athletic shoes online. It was love at first sight. I saw a few styles that interested me on Stella McCartney's site and on net-a-porter, which led me down the Eclypse rabbit hole. There were so many styles and colors to choose from. I narrowed it down to the elusive animal print Eclypse sneakers with pink color blocking and sporty velcro straps. Something about the bright pop of colors, simple velcro straps, and chunky sole instantly appealed to me. These were not boring or typical sneakers. 

stella mccartney eclypse animal print

In my online quest for information about the Stella McCartney Eclypse sneakers, I was unable to find more specific fit and sizing details. How did the sneakers run? Were they well cushioned? Were they easy to break in? I scoured social media and luxury retailer sites for clues and reviews. Unable to find any Stella McCartney Eclypse sneaker reviews, I relied upon the size guides that claimed that my size, a U.S. size 7, would be a Eur size 37. After finding the style I wanted and buying them from a retailer halfway across the world, I realized with much disappointment that they run small. Hence, the reason for this Stella McCartney Eclypse sneaker review. I've never bought Stella McCartney footwear before, and didn't know what to expect. I did know that the sneakers were made of man made materials since Stella McCartney does not use animal products. I worried about whether they'd be breathable, would they stretch, etc. With a price point upwards of $600, they are quite an investment, so I'm hoping this review helps anyone else looking for info on the Eclypse.

stella mccartney eclypse leopard print sneakers

In terms of sizing, I wear a Eur 38 in the Eclypse. So a U.S. size 7 wears a Eur 38 in my opinion. Don't always trust the size guides! The Eclypse sneakers seem to run very narrow, so if you have wide feet, go up a size. The two velcro straps don't allow for as much adjustment as lace-up styles do, but I adore the simple, sporty look of them. Another thing I love is the thick sole, which adds two inches (50mm) of height while being comfortable. It does add weight to the shoe, so they're not as lightweight and breathable as my workout shoes. Fortunately, they are supportive and well cushioned. The padded tongue contributes to the sporty vibe. I don't intent to wear these during workouts, but more as a casual everyday shoe. The neoprene material is thick and easy to clean, giving the sneakers a well-constructed and expensive look. The pull tab in the back makes them easy to slip on. I'll be wearing mine with thin socks to avoid any blisters during the break-in period. 

Ready to dip your toes into the chunky sneakers trend?

Shop Stella McCartney Eclypse sneakers:

Get the look for less by Steve Madden:

Shop more sneakers:

Wear them with:

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Men's Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trend Forecast

In this post, I'll be sharing four key Men's fashion trends for spring summer 2019 as highlighted by New York-based firm Fashion Snoops. Each trend story in this forecast will include key takeaways, materials, must-have items, design details, and colors.

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To better understand the origin of the trends, there are four macro trends from which these seasonal stories emerge. They are:

New Local - new suburbia, glocalization (supporting local businesses and belonging to community), and the design of better products (quality over quantity)

Human Nature - off the grid (unplugging/unwinding), climate challenge (reducing emissions), and eco-tourism (sustainable travel)

Emotional Capacity - spiritual practices (meditation), mindfulness (sharing feelings), and human sensation (multi-sensory experiences)

New Creative - industry disrupted (job roles are shifting), hyper culture (instant access to information), and freelance culture (digital nomads, workplace freedom)

1. Main St.
Key takeaways for the Main St. story are: dad style, matching sets, domestic bliss, commuting coats, occasion dressing, relaxed tailoring, maximum pattern, nostalgia, time-honored styles, and suburban living. 

main st men's fashion forecast 2019

Materials include sporty satin, puckered gingham, drop needle knits, tapestry texture, pieced shirtings, retro poplin, and patterned seersucker. Design details are boxy sleeves and Johnny collars. Must-have items are the gent bomber jacket, banker suit, brunch sweater (polo style), league shirt (bowling inspired), executive pants (subtle pleats), and weekend polo shirt. Accessories are the Oxford and derby shoe, fishermen sandal, weekender bag, and vintage watch. The colors are retro mid-tones, aquatic hues, and greens such as lilypad and avocado. Brands to reference for more inspiration are Prada and Gucci.

main st men's fashion forecast spring 2019 colors

See examples of Main St.:

2. Talisman
Ten key takeaways for the Talisman theme are: a focus on Australia, ancestral stories, traditional techniques, symbols + relics, mystical surrealism, summer marls, subtle embellishment, nature's accessories, all-season tailoring, and loud print + patterns. It's a trend for the younger customer, with a focus on active basics and the evolution of outdoorsy looks.

talisman men's fashion forecast spring 2019

Materials include nylon mesh, embossed exotics, patterned modal, tribal jacquards, distressed, yarn-dyed shirtings, micro poplin, and lightweight marls. Design details are tribal piecing, braided closures, mystical inserts, techno toggles, decorative beading, and hood flaps. Must-have items are the ritual jacket (trucker silhouette), mechanical suit with functional details, outback sweater, painted hill pants in (new camo prints), and the totemic T-shirt (boxy fit and tribal motif). Accessories include the coin pendant necklace, relic jewels, and beaded bracelets. The color palette uses purple as an accent, with teals, blues, and warm red balancing out the neutrals. See Off-White and Missoni for more examples.

talisman men's fashion forecast spring 2019

Explore examples of Talisman:

3. Ventura
Key takeaways for the Ventura story are: contemporary rustic, Euro Americana, technical lightness, refined quilting, range of pinks, black & white landscapes, unstructured tailoring, desert journey, soul searchers, and rustic balance. 

ventura men's fashion forecast spring 2019

Materials are pique Oxford cloth, cracked leather, lightweight suede, puckered shirtings, overdyed jersey, and gauzy knits. Design details are the softened funnel neck, lace-up placket, pronounced stitching, zippered shoulders, and suede horsebit inserts. Must-have items are the Dunes jacket (suede body and trucker silhouette), Mojave suit (pima cotton), Ashcroft sweater (notch lapel and boxy fit), Mirage shirt (zip front), Yuma shorts (linen blend, above the knee), and the painted desert henley. Accessories are the active sandal, tennis shoe, travel knapsack, extra long belt, straw cap, and round aviators. The color palette makes strong use of pink, and also includes blues and pink-casted browns. See Topman and Ralph Lauren Purple Label for more inspiration. 

ventura men's fashion forecast spring 2019 colors

Browse examples of Ventura:

4. Xchange
Ten takeaways for Xchange are: the new uniform, heritage without the cliches, updates to workwear, cool + casual + comfort, tech-y tradition, micro motifs, active tailoring, focus on accessories, ultra clean lines + styling, and integrated tech for retail. 

xchange men's fashion trend forecast spring 2019

Materials are heavyweight nylon, electra wool, workwear canvas, flex wovens, jute herringbone denim, cork, and jersey-lined suiting. Design details include: ID tags, kangaroo pockets, zippered plackets, stitched pockets, industrial straps, and metallic taping. Must-haves are the engineered suit (pieced construction), IBM sweater (cardigan with cuffs and side vents), data shirt (snap placket), co-op pants (loose shape), and the e-knit (active-inspired). Accessories are the slide sandal, runner shoes, nylon backpack, velcro straps on footwear, and the smart watch. Colors for Xchange are tech-driven, with lush green, blues, and neutrals including grey and khaki. See Givenchy and Rick Owens for more inspiration. 

xchange men's fashion trend forecast spring 2019

See examples of Xchange:

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