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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Look for Less - Givenchy Elegant Studded Boots

Now that it's fall, it's officially boot buying season. I've always been partial to a badass pair of studded ankle boots, so it's no wonder that the Givenchy Elegant studded boots have caught my attention. They've been around for a while and they return season after season due to their popularity and versatility. The black leather and suede versions are undoubtedly gorgeous, but have you seen them in red and in floral? They are simultaneously sleek and rebellious with their tough combat silhouette, micro studs, and multi-buckle design. 

How to wear them? I love them juxtaposed against a flirty mini skirt, toughened up with shredded denim, or styled with leather leggings for an insouciant rock 'n' roll vibe as seen by the street style stars below. They would also be stunning if styled with a dark floral midi dress for a casual daytime look. 

Givenchy Elegant studdde boots street style outfits

images via Pinterest

At close to $1400, they are certainly an investment. If you're up for the splurge, shop the latest Givenchy versions below.

The Look for Less

Seeking something more wallet friendly? Fortunately, there are a multitude of Givenchy studded boot replicas that won't break your budget. It's easy to snag the look for less. In fact, I'm eyeing this pair from Target for under $40 and this leather pair under $125 on Amazon.

Shop some of my favorites for less:

Wear your studded boots with:

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Shop studded boots:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Anna Sui Loves INC for Macy's Review

With visions of Western design details in my head, I headed into Macy's last week to browse the new Anna Sui loves INC International Concepts capsule collection. Full disclosure: style-wise, Anna Sui isn't exactly my cup of tea, and I haven't purchased anything by INC since the early aughts. I simply can't resist a designer capsule collection, and after browsing the merchandise online, I wanted to take a closer look.

What I saw in store, although minimal in selection, appeared to be well tailored with thoughtful details. The Anna Sui x INC collection is influenced by Western romance and includes florals, fringe, bell sleeves, embroidered denim, and embellished footwear. There are also handbags and jewelry, in addition to a small selection of apparel for men

I really wanted to try on this embroidered studded moto jacket, but the store didn't stock it.

Here's a look at what my store carried.

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's review

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's review

The sparkly rose hang tag is right in line with Anna Sui's fun, rocker style.

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's hang tag

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's review

Expect to see lots of ruffles and on-trend tiered sleeve details. 

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's review

In the Fitting Room

I selected four favorites and headed into the fitting room for some photos. First up is the ruffled faux suede jacket ($129.50). It also comes in a pretty sienna color. I'm wearing a small and found it to be roomy enough when zipped up to layer a top underneath. It was surprisingly comfortable, made of medium weight polyester, and well tailored. Bonus points for being machine washable. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. I love how it is collarless and can be worn as a shirt or as a jacket. 

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's tiered ruffle jacket

Next is the corset back blouse ($69.50) in size small. It's untucked on the left and tucked in with the ottoman knit mini skirt ($69.50) on the right. The back has a corset lace detail that gives it a more tailored look. It's structured and made of a cotton/poly/spandex blend. Like the jacket, I found it to run true to size. The skirt (I tried a size 2) has a cute ring and zipper detail, is slightly stretchy, and more of a straight (not A-line) shape. I would've preferred this in a non-stretchy jacquard with more of an A-line silhouette. 

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's corset back shirt and ottoman skirt

Here's the corset back blouse tucked into the side stud wide-leg pants ($99.50). There's a back zip, generous 33" inseam, tailored waistband, and fluid poly/spandex fabric. I think these pants are versatile enough for work, nights out, and weekends depending on how they are styled. I'm wearing a size 2 and found the fit to be just right. 

Anna Sui loves INC Macy's rhinestone studded pants

While I think the INC brand is overpriced for the fabrics and compared to similar things I'd buy at competitors, I was impressed with the tailoring and the comfort of everything I tried on. I may even go back for the ruffled faux suede jacket once it starts to feel like fall in California.

Shop my fitting room finds:

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See accessories and footwear from the collection:

Shop my favorites:

Explore the collection:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Look for Less - Chloé Pixie Bag

When Chloé debuts a new handbag style, fashion devotees instantly take notice. The new Chloé Pixie bag from the fall 2017 runway is on my style radar. It's sure to cause the same commotion this fall as the widely beloved Faye and Nile bags. With its brass ring handle detail, chic round shape, and delicate studs, the latest must-have accessory from Clare Waight Keller's final collection for Chloé is guaranteed to be a street style home run. In true Chloé form, it's a versatile and instantly recognizable handbag. It looks equally stylish and casually cool when carried on the arm, in the hands, or worn crossbody. Even better, the Pixie bag comes in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors as seen below. 

Chloe Pixie Bags runway fall 2017 looks
The Pixie's retro round shape make it an ideal piece to pair with fall's delicate floral dresses, embroidered blouses, sock boots, and flirty skirts. 

For more Chloé handbag ideas, see my posts on the Chloé Faye bag look for less and the Chloé Nile bag look for less.

Chloe Pixie Bag

Up for the investment? Shop the Chloé Pixie bag in many colors and sizes:

Style your bag with:

The Look for Less

If you're looking for a Chloé Pixie bag dupe at a more affordable price point, you're in luck because there are a few budget friendly look-alikes.

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Shop these options:

Get the Chloé look:

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Men's Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Trend Forecast

While I don't typically feature men's fashion trends on Fashion Trend Guide, I've decided to share this spring summer 2018 men's fashion forecast by New York-based trend experts Fashion Snoops. I'll be highlighting four key trends, along with the inspiration, color palettes, key items, and prints for each trend story. 

Follow along on my Insta stories @thekeytochic, my Facebook page and Pinterest trend boards, where you'll have access to more trend information, fashion inspiration, shopping reports, and personal style. For additional fashion forecasts, see my fall 2017/winter 2018 fashion trend forecast, this fall 2018/winter 2019 fashion forecast, a spring summer 2018 fashion report, and another spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast.

Please note that this blog post is adapted from Fashion Snoops, is protected by international copyright laws, and may not be republished without permission. Students, please feel free to use this information for school projects as long as it's not reproduced or republished online and you properly cite both Fashion Snoops and The Key To Chic as sources. 

September 12, 2017 update - Explore emerging men's trends:

Let's get started with trend #1...

1. Roycroft 
Men increasingly want to focus on mastering a trade or technique that will bring them joy. With a focus on heirloom surfaces, deconstructed design, and industrial details, Roycroft takes a farm-to-closet approach to contemporary dressing. He seeks to discover the natural beauty in precise measurements and time-honored skills, all the while being influenced by doing things in a newer way for ultimate efficiency and ease. 

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Roycroft Mood board

Roycroft focuses on fewer, better things. It's inspired by a 19th century community of tradesmen who moved outside of New York City into the Hudson Valley. They were the early purveyors of the arts and crafts movement. There's a focus on authenticity, heirloom surfaces, farm-to-closet, and deconstructed design. 

Key items include reconstructed basics like the trench coat with straps, the reworked woven shirt, the heirloom suit, paper bag waist pants, and chunky handed-down sweaters.

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Roycroft items

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Roycroft accessories

The color palette is rooted in time-honored neutrals. Browns with a subtle red cast are key. Khaki, indigo, and cooler grey tones figure prominently.

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Roycroft colors
Browse retail examples of Roycroft:

2. Sojourn
He lives his life on the grid in order to be off the grid - constant constrasts that inject a tangible energy into his daily life. By taking time-honored, recognizably rugged clothing and integrating smart textiles, digital motifs, and steadfast details, he is given the freedom of more easily recognizing the genius of earth's unpredictability through countless adventures and cultures. This modern day anthropologist of sorts takes a little it from each destination, but remembers to give back as well - ensuring his path along the way makes the world a better place.

There's a focus on hyperculture, Africa, the art of discovery in your travels, eco-tech, and eco-tourism. 

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Sojourn mood board

Key items are the lightning windbreaker and anorak (to replace the bomber), the radar shirt (below in the middle), and the festival Baja hoodie. 
men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Sojourn items

Accessories are the neoprene sneaker boot, the nylon/lanyard bracelet, the active sandal with bright colors, colored sunglasses, and the utility belt with lots of hooks.

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Sojourn accessories

Colors are metallics, gunmetals, greens, tech blue, and nature-inspired pinks or reds. 

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Sojourn colors

Browse retail examples of Sojourn:

3. Corp
In a super sophisticated, glossy world not too far in the future, men are looking to make a bold power play on personal style, one that is a necessary fusion between tradition and technology. Inspired by a re-emergence of Brutalist architecture and a new Modernist movement, Copr turns its focus to smart suiting, prism color effects on classic outerwear, and a plethora of intelligent surfaces that work to make a more seamless lifestyle. With activewear continuing to influence every classification, flex fits are essential to even the most basic of apparel. 

There are smarter surfaces, active influences, hyper-designs, and a focus on form and function. It's a glossy world with Dad's office must-haves and men who want to make a bold power play on their personal style. 
men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Corp mood board

Key items are the modernist shirt, the 2.0 suit, the woven tech sweatshirt, updated dress shirts, and skyscraper pants (loose and relaxed with a higher rise).
men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Corp key items

For accessories, there active slip-on sneakers, the body pack, and the nylon/mesh sport hat.
men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Corp accessories

Electric blues and greens are the strongest part of the color palette. Pastels also feature in the story to create an interesting combination. 

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Corp colors

Browse retail examples of Corp:

4. Portfolio
He's a playboy in the world of art - society royalty of sorts who comes from generations of influencers and tastemakers - presenting a fanciful persona that puts a new face on the role of dandy. Being an old soul, he spent his youth around ghosts of the past - renaissance paintings, grandiose frescoes, yellowed books, and classical music. In the 21st Century, he's embraced the quirk of the contemporary art world while staying connected to the ornate world of yesteryear. His stylistic foundation is based on traditional Italian menswear, and he layers on whimsical color and pattern to show off a canvas that is as personable and ever changing as his inspiration. 

Portfolio is influenced by art as activism, clashing patterns, rule-breaking mixes, and the person as a canvas. 

men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Portfolio mood board

Must-haves focus on prints and textural fabrics. There's the gallery coat (see Dries Van Noten), the pop (cartoon) sweater, tailored yet artistic pieces, T-shirts with collages, and the fine art shirt. 
men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Portfolio items

Accessories include the loafer (see Gucci for inspiration), printed backpack, statement buckle belts, and printed slip-on sneakers.
men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Portfolio accessories

The color palette is about the soul of an eclectic artist. There are painterly mid-tones, sunny day pastels such as greens, pinks and yellows.
men's spring summer 2018 fashion trend forecast Portfolio color palette

Browse retail examples of Portfolio:

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