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Friday, February 2, 2018

Women's Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Fashion Trend Forecast

New York-based trend agency Fashion Snoops is featuring four key Women's fashion trend narratives for the fall 2018/winter 2019 season. They are: Sensei, Vanguard, New Romantics, and Terra. In this post, I'll be sharing details about each theme, including the inspiration, key items, color palettes, and must-have accessories. 

For more background information on where these four trends come from, this post goes hand in hand with the fall 2018/winter 2019 macro trends post that I published on my other blog The Key To Chic.

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1. Sensei
According to Fashion Snoops, "the Sensei woman has achieved a certain level of mastery. Complex and innovative, her wardrobe has tailored origins inclusive of power suits, reworked shirts, and voluminous trousers. There's a softer side to her as well, which reminds us of a traditional Japanese retreat. Kimono sleeves and wrapped sweater styling compose a serene spirit that nods to the past. Traditional shibori dye techniques add a sense of tranquility to minimalistic Japanese lines."

Key words for Sensei include: Japanese influence, reworked shirts, minimalist lines, tunic layering, voluminous pants, wrapped styling, the power blazer, fluid volume, kimono styling, and shibori prints. 

sensei trend forecast mood

sensei fashion trend details
Colors have a serene side and a rich cultural heritage. There are dusty tones such as Lab and Antique Pink, as well as red hues iD and Samurai. Catalyst is a dark green. 
sensei fashion trend forecast colors
Must-have items for the Sensei story are the wrapped sweater, culottes, tunic, reworked shirt, sleeveless overcoat, wide leg pants, and power blazer.
sensei key items
Key accessories include statement pumps, laceless oxfords, stiletto heeled booties, the canteen bag, micro frame sunglasses, the rope belt, and sculptural earrings. 
sensei accessories
See examples of Sensei:

2. Vanguard
The background on Vanguard: "the Vanguard woman is at the forefront of a progressive movement paving the way with new ideas. She resonates with the Maker Movement, defining a woman who is an inventor and designer. As an expressionist, she embraces power colors. The 1970s come to mind with the rise of hip-hop in Harlem and patterns ranging from track stripes to chevron patterns. Items like track suits or polos have major street cred, while embroidered jeans play up the craft component."

This theme is influenced by the progressive craft movement and protest through art. Takeaways for Vanguard are: experimental knits, feminism, community, track suits, vintage furs, activism, mixed media, positive influence, and a collaborative spirit. 

vanguard fashion forecast mood

vanguard trend details
The color palette for Vanguard is empowering with a retro spirit. There are reds and a bright Shelter orange, as well as dusty neutrals and mid-tones. 
vanguard fashion forecast colors
Key items are: the oversized sweater, flares, trucker jacket, track jacket, fur coats, turtlenecks, the slim midi skirt, wide-leg pants, and the sweater dress.
vanguard key items
Accessories for Vanguard are platform lug sole boots, high tops, slide sandals, the mini top handle bag, messenger bags, newsboy caps, camp socks, and square frames.
vanguard accessories
Browse examples of Vanguard:

3. New Romantics
The story behind this theme is as follows: "the New Romantic woman believes in leveraging the past to bring us closer to the future. This dark romantic trend embodies a modern Victorian reference complete with Baroque and traditional Celtic patterns. Plush velvet is a driver across all classifications, especially dresses. Puff sleeve detailing elevates blouses, and higher necklines are often leveraged as a layer underneath slip dresses. Delightful feminine flourishes range from moody florals to ruffles. Layered power blazers achieve a new level of harmony."

This theme is about a collision of eras, Victorian influence, velvet separates, and jewel tones. Takeaways are: escapism, romance, moody florals, puffy sleeves, romantic ruffles, higher collars, poetic graphics, English monarchy, and tailored blazers. 

new romantics fashion forecast mood

new romantics details
The color palette for New Romantics is tender and romantic with jewel tones such as Tokyo Glow and soft tones such as Antique Pink.
new romantics fashion forecast colors
Must-haves for New Romantics are the midi skirt, wrap maxi dress, wide-leg pants, cape, overcoat, power blazer, puff-sleeved blouse, and slip dress.
new romantics key items
Key accessories are the updated Mary Jane, heeled mule, stocking boot, top handle bag, micro bag, embellished belt with pearls, optical cat eyes, pearl earrings, and lots of velvet. 
new romantics accessories
See New Romantics examples:

4. Terra
According to Fashion Snoops, "Terra embodies a woman who is one and of the earth with a heightened digital footprint. Emerged in the Berkshires, she forges a deep connection with the earth which is both rustic and youthful. At home in weathered shearling or quilted nylon, outerwear favorites include parkas and puffers. Prints and patterns include both traditional motifs like ditsy florals and structured nature imagery that pushes the digital envelope. Oversized sweater dresses and turtlenecks are favorites, and fur or fringe details are full-on cabin fever mode."

Takeaways include: hybrid innovation, natural + digital, experimentation, retreat, discovery, and of the earth. There are cozy sweaters, parkas, high pile furs, shades of green, utility details, and quilted surfaces. 

terra fashion forecast mood

terra trend forecast details
The color palette for Terra is earth inspired, with a digital element. There are browns such as Henna and Fawn, as well as a variety of greens, including a bold lime shade called Algae.
terra color palette

Must-have items for Terra are: the puffer jacket, bomber jacket, sweater dress, parka, bomber jacket, cargo pants, oversized turtleneck sweater, oversized shirt, and baggy jeans.
terra key items
Accessories for Terra are the heeled hiking boot, updated hobo bag, knit gloves, corset belt, statement earrings, quilted leather tote, and mono lens sunglasses
terra accessories
Browse examples of Terra:

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