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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Santa Barbara Shopping - End Of Summer Trends

As many shopaholics and fashion-lovers know, this time of the summer typically consists of sales and it's generally a slow time for shopping in terms of finding fresh trends. With a new crop of fall fashions just around the corner, it's no surprise that my time spent browsing the stores in Santa Barbara left me uninspired and anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall staples such as plaid jackets, knit beanies, slouchy trousers, and soft sweaters.

Based upon my browsing, there are some key trends that are important for this transitional time of year. At Urban Outfitters, small leather camera bags made the stale summer merchandise look fresh, while vintage cowboy boots and boyish bowler hats stood out amongst the typical tunics and skinny jeans.

At LF, I eyed colored and acid-washed skinny denim at higher price points, as well as dainty floral dresses, metallic gladiators, flat scrunchy boots, and super short shorts.

Forever 21 stocked an abundance of ethnic prints, safari jackets, jewel-toned jersey tunics, dark skinny jeans, and straw fedoras and floppy hats.

Prada-esque floral skirts and strapless dresses crowded the clearance racks at Express, while leopard and zebra prints took center stage on the sales floor. Also of interest were silk halter tops, sequin skirts and sweatshirts, and stretchy camisoles great for layering.

At Wet Seal, neon colors adorned everything from jeans and leggings to graphic tees and printed tanks. (I haven't seen this much neon since I went to London last year.) As far as accessories, wide belts, star & skull printed scarves, hippie-inspired necklaces, pointy patent pumps, and neon gladiator sandals rounded out the end-of-summer selection. Also of interest were sleeveless hoodies, ruffled tops, dark floral prints, acid-washed denim, and suspender shorts.

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