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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Look for Less - Miu Miu Lace Up Ballet Flats

Every so often, a shoe comes along and turns the fashion game upside down. Maybe it's an ankle boot, studded heel, or comfortable sandal. This time around it's the super stylish Miu Miu ballet flats. With their mismatched laces and tough-girl buckled details, they add just the right dose of attitude and edginess to the perennially chic ballerina flat. Plus, how cool is that gingham lace-up ribbon? It adds a D.I.Y. vibe to the shoe that's unexpected and playful.

Miu Miu Lace Up Ballet Flats street style, Miu Miu replica ballet flats look for less

photos via Pinterest

The popularity of these flats amongst the street style elite combined with the ballet-inspired fall 2016 collection by Valentino means that they are right on trend and they're sure to inspire many budget-friendly versions. The Miu Miu flats can range in price from around $550 for this style to $890 for this studded style, with most versions (like this silver one) priced at $620. 

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The Look for Less

If you want to indulge your inner ballerina, and you dream of twirling gracefully like Misty Copeland, but don't have the budget for Miu Miu, no worries.  There are many ballerina-inspired styles at lower price points. Bonus: you'll have enough money left over to get a tutu, buy a bodysuit, or take a barre class! 

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Ballet flats:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Footwear Trends

Shoes form the foundation of any stylish outfit, and having just returned from what I consider to be shoe heaven (a.k.a. FNPlatform at WWDMAGIC), I'm feeling inspired about all the footwear trends I've scouted for fall 2016 and spring 2017. Fall and the back-to-school season signals the ideal time to try out new styles and updates. After reviewing my photos from the trade show, seven key footwear themes have emerged. Read on to see the top examples from trend-conscious brands.

1. Metallic Moment
High shine and glossy finishes adorned a wide range of styles, adding glamour and drama to slides, platform sandals, heels, and even Western ankle boots. Ultra shiny shades of gold and highly reflective silver seemed to predominate in a shift away from the rosy hues of previous seasons.

Clockwise, from top left: Cravo & Canela, Vicenza, Z & L Europe, Capodarte

metallic shoe trend fall 2016 spring 2017

2. Elevated Soles
After a few seasons of single sole domination, the platform is making its way to the top of the trend cycle. Platform sandals, clogs, and loafers give a subtle nod to the '70s, while providing the perfect complement to the culottes, midi skirts, and wide leg bottoms that are trending as 2016 comes to an end.

Clockwise, from top left: Vicenza, Carrano, Michael Antonio, Michael Antonio

platform footwear trend for 2016

3. Natural Neutrals and Raffia
At booth after booth, I spotted soft, earthy neutrals and raffia constructions in a myriad of sandal silhouettes for spring. 

Clockwise, from top left: Michael Antonio, Schutz, Schutz, Corso Como

Natural Raffia Shoe Trend spring 2017d

4. Fun and Sunny
There's no denying the bold appeal of a sunny shade of yellow. This bright color injected life to sculptural pumps, sneakers, strappy heels, and everything in between. 

Clockwise, from top left: Cravo & Canela, Ferri, Michael Antonio, Michael Antonio

yellow shoe trend fall 2016

5. Modern Mules
The no-fuss silhouettes of the mules and slides made popular in the '90s have an easy elegance. For fall 2016 and spring 2017, backless loafers, block-heeled mules, and platforms provide a wide array of ways in which to wear this key trend.

Clockwise, from top left: Stephanie Classic, Vicenza, Michael Antonio, Vicenza

mules and slides shoe trend for 2017 and 2017

6. Shoemoji Style
You may see and use emojis all day long on your smart phone, but now they're transitioning from digital life to real life by adorning shoes. They add a modern, playful element to slides and sneakers.

Clockwise, from top left: Vicenza, Vicenza, Michael Antonio, Michael Antonio

emoji shoe trend for 2017

7. Artisanal and Artsy
It's all about artisanal detail, customization, and thoughtful design elements as heels and oxfords get gorgeous treatments and construction details worthy of an art gallery display. The shoe on the top left, by innovative Brazilian brand Ciao Mao, has cool, creative pieces that you can interchange to give a custom look.

Clockwise, from top left: Ciao Mao, Stephanie Classic, Carrano, Vicenza

artisanal shoe trend for fall 2017 and spring 2017

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Fashion Trend Forecast

It's that time of the summer. August is almost over, and I've just returned from my tenth season of MAGIC Market Week. After sifting through my photos, I've noticed some recurring trend themes for Juniors. This season, there's a shift towards more retro details, a nod to social media with emoji embellishments, and new color palettes to reflect the seasonal shift towards autumn. 

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Here are the top seven trends that I scouted:

1. Gold Standard
Mustard is having a moment right now, with various iterations from marigold and burnt buttercup showing up on boho blouses, pleated midi skirts, and woven tops.

mustard color trend fall 2016

2. The Gucci Girl
It's no surprise that Alessandro Michele's influential and madcap mix of prints and colors for Gucci is influencing the fast fashion scene. Think over-the-top meets 1970s meets granny chic. This look is all about mixing the unexpected and not taking fashion too seriously. The striped knits, embroidered denim, souvenir jackets, and metallic finishes that I saw at many booths can all be traced back to the Gucci runway.

Gucci inspired looks for less fall 2016

3.Souvenir Style
Embellished souvenir and bomber jackets, another style that we can thank Gucci for, are a key item for Juniors this fall. I lost count of all the jackets I saw at the trade show. They're done in mixed media fabrications, embellished with patches or embroidery, and made sporty with striped trims. For a modern vibe, style them with jumpsuits and sparkly dresses.

souvenir and bomber jacket trend fall 2016 winter 2017

4. Show Some Shoulder
It's still all about the off-the-shoulder silhouette that picked up momentum last year, although present variations include straps, crossover details, embellished sleeves, and ruffles.

off the shoulder fashion trend forecast

5. Patches, Please
Emojis and tongue-in-cheek patches adorn denim, handbags, and footwear this fall, giving these casual styles a strong nod to the social media-obsessed world we live in.

patches and emojis fashion trend fall 2016

6. Lace-Up Looks
The lace-up looks from the past few seasons continue on in the form of slouchy knitwear, printed dresses, and bodycon skirts. The trend has evolved from lace-up necklines to lace and tie-up embellishments in unexpected places.

lace-up trend fall 2016

7. Sleeves on Fleek
Sleeves take center stage with exaggerated volume. I spotted bell shapes, tiered styles, and pom pom trims.
Bell Sleeves Trend 2017

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Fall 2016 and beyond:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring Summer 2017 Juniors' Fashion Trend Forecast

If you follow me on social media @thekeytochic, then you might've already seen my previews of key Women's fashion trends for spring summer 2017 as highlighted by fashion forecasting firm Fashion Snoops at Magic Market Week. They're featuring three trends for Juniors, and I'll be sharing key details, colors, silhouettes, and retail examples of each trend in this trend forecast.

*Please note that this blog post is adapted from Fashion Snoops, is protected by international copyright laws, and may not be republished without permission. Students, please feel free to use this information for school projects as long as it's not reproduced or republished online and you properly cite both Fashion Snoops and Fashion Trend Guide as sources. 

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Let's take at look at the three trends.

1. Great Expectations is the most romantic, pretty trend of the season with its Victorian influences (and Charles Dickens novel reference). 

Great Expectations spring summer 2017 trend forecast Colors

The color palette is soft, with petal pink, rose and bluebell as the main colors. Materials are transparent, with organza, Swiss dots, jacquard, and eyelet. Graphics are not just about flowers. There are also toile wallpaper motifs (like on this porcelain tumbler). 

Great Expectations fashion trend spring summer 2017 Graphics

More is more when it comes to design details. There are ruffles, tiers, lace-up details that mimic corsets, and higher necklines. Key items are the off-the-shoulder top, mid-calf prairie dress, A-line skirt, matched top and skirt set, the ruffled maxi dress, poet blouse (like this cotton voile style), slip dress with embellishments (like this satin style), ankle wrap sandals (like these wedge espadrilles), saddle bags, and belted waists. See lust worthy brand Zimmermann for more inspiration and examples. 

Great Expectations fashion trend 2017 Key Items

2. Prairie Rose is like Great Expectations, but geared toward a younger, Juniors' market. It's about a sweet country girl. It's a pretty, bohemian way of dress with romance, Western roots, and a hint of Victorian inspiration. 

Prairie Rose spring sumer 2017 fashion trend forecast

The color palette is light and grounded with earth elements like rose, periwinkle, chili powder, bisque, and ivy green. 

Prairie Rose spring summer 2017 fashion trend color forecast

Materials are eyelet, washed silk, crochet, cotton voile (like this dress), suede, and vintage denim. Graphics are floral, patchwork, toile, folkloric, and dainty prints. 

Prairie Rose fashion trend forecast Graphics

Details are sweet but subtle: peasant sleeves, high necklines, low backlines, and off-the-shoulder silhouettes. Key items are the slip dress, dirndl skirt, midriff top, boxy jacket, poet blouse with high neckline, overalls, A-line skirt (see this chambray style), A-line prairie dress, saddle bags (like this popular designer style), patchwork cowboy booties, and square-frame sunglasses (such as this style by Miu Miu). See Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply for more examples of this trend.

Prairie Rose Fashion Trend KeyItems

3. Boot Camp is influenced by the athleisure and fitness trend. It's competitive, with a rough, girl-squad feel. It's sporty, street-minded, and hardcore with urban inspiration. 

Boot Camp spring summer 2017 fashion trend forecast

The color palette is utilitarian inspired: olive and sludge/murky brown, with accents such as carrot orange, navy, and chartreuse. 

Boot Camp spring summer 2017 Color forecast

Materials are technical: mesh, netted techniques, twill, leather, and nylon ripstop. Graphics are: graffiti prints, black and white, dripped techniques, numbers/letters, and colorblocking. Design details are functional: zippers, hoods, drawstring closures, and grommets. Key items are the bomber jacket in satin (like this style by Topshop), the slip dress, the wrap skirt in mini length, the sleeveless parka, midi skirt, crossover top, overalls, paper bag waist shorts (like this striped style), sneakers, chain link earrings, and baseball caps. The Ivy Park collection is a great brand to reference as inspiration.

Boot Camp spring summer 2017 Key Items

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