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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just My Cup Of Chai

After having a browse through the image album of Richard Chai's upcoming collection for Target's GO International line, I've decided that the pieces I'm anticipating the most are the long grandpa cardigans, the graffiti rose print garments, and the skinny jeans. If this collection stays true to Target's form, then there will be more pieces and colorways in the collection than the image album shows. When I first see the images, I can't help but wonder what some interesting accessories and some edgier mixing, matching, and layering would result in. (Perhaps Target is looking for a new stylist? If so, I'd love to do it!) Below is a compilation of my favorite looks, and in early August, you'll see a session (or perhaps two) of me playing dress-up in the fitting rooms as soon as I can get my hands on the goods. Click the image to enlarge.

Richard Chai for Target

Richard Chai for Target, available August 3 - 30

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Image credit: target.com