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Monday, July 7, 2008

Fashion Trend Guide and French Shopping In 805 Living

Bonjour! I am excited to announce that I've been mentioned in the July 2008 issue of 805 Living. If you have trouble getting your hands on a copy, I've scanned in a page so you can have a read. They did a great feature called "805 French Connection" which covers local French-inspired cuisine, winemakers, conversation groups, and shopping. Many thanks to Kathleen Guthrie! The article has inspired me to don my new wool beret, spritz on some of my Mistral Wild Blackberry perfume, and indulge in a fruit tartlet. Click on the image to enlarge.
That reminds me...the annual French Festival is taking place on July 12 & 13 (from 11am to 7pm) at Oak Park in Santa Barbara. If you can't make it to France this summer, you can still enjoy the culture by celebrating all things French - Santa Barbara style.

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