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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pretty In Paris

French women are often admired by fashionistas all over the world for their simple, polished sense of style. For me, the quintessential French-girl outfit conjures up an image of a gorgeous gamine wearing a nautical striped top, dark trousers, ballet flats, and an effortless chignon. If you can't get away to Paris this summer to be inspired by French style, channel the elegance of the City of Light with some simple pieces from Forever 21. An artsy beret, a frilly blouse, sailor jeans, a printed tote, and some ChloƩ-inspired architectural heels will have you saying manifique!

Parisian stylePictured above: 1. Artisan wool beret, $12.80, 2. Contrast trim blouse, $22.80, 3. Paris tote, $5.50, 4. Double button denim trouser, $32.80, 5. CZ-3 patent peep-toes, $27.80.

Images from forever21.com

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