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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wide-Leg Vs. Skinny

As denim choices for women this season range from high-waisted, low-waisted, wide-leg, skinny leg, straight leg, and everything in between, what's a girl to do? I normally would not advise this, but you may want to ask the man in your life. I personally am long past the days of asking a man which outfit I should wear because I trust my sense of style much more than somebody else's, however, I recently experienced some unsolicited (yet helpful) comments from the freeflowing mouth of a very opinionated male friend of mine.

skinny jeansI received compliments from my friend when I wore skinny jeans (see the photos above and below) on two separate occasions. The compliments went something like, "you look nice tonight" and "I like the look you've put together, you really know how to use the right colors." Coming from a straight man with no interest in fashion, these comments made me feel great.

skinny jeansOn the other hand, I wasn't so flattered when I wore my new high-waisted, wide-leg jeans from Old Navy. The comment from my friend went something like, "what are you wearing...it's not form-fitting...your jeans look like a giant garbage bag." I took these comments with a grain of salt because I really like these jeans and also because every time I wear them, someone compliments me. Just two weekends ago a salesgirl at Nordstrom stopped me to ask me where I bought them and complimented me on the fit of the jeans. So I guess the lesson is that sometimes men are the simple-minded creatures that we like to think they are, and they prefer form-fitting attire. Wide-leg jeans don't show off the legs to the extent that skinnies do. I think that wide-legs pants can be sexy. The trick is to pair them with a fitted top that is of the right proportions. Small proportions on top, wide-legs on bottom. Likewise, long flowy tops look best with tight fitted skinnies. And if you're dressing to impress a man or catch his eye, you may want to opt for the skinnies.

wide leg jeans