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Friday, October 19, 2007

Street Clash Insights

Fashion Trend Guide brings you an exclusive interview with Darryl Natale, the creator of Street Clash, an international competition between street style blogs from around the world.

FTG: Tell me a little about yourself and what inspires you.

SC: Well, I'm from a small-ish Canadian city, escaped to Sweden for a year, cultivated myself, and landed back in Canada for the time being, finishing a film theory degree. Inspiration for me comes from a constant and inherent need for self-improvement. I'm a perfectionist, I guess.

FTG: How would you describe your personal style, and who are your style icons, if any?

SC: My personal style is all over the map. Depending on the day my clothes could be loud and colourful, or restrained and refined. I especially like asymmetrical design and jarring proportions. If I had to pick a style icon, it would be Klaus Nomi.

FTG: What inspired you to start Street Clash? Where did the idea come from and what were your goals when you first started it?

SC: A chance encounter with the Facehunter one night in London prompted me to consider getting involved in the street fashion blogging world, but there were already plenty of these blogs. So I thought of the idea of combining them all, but that had already been done by Street Peeper. So I got a bit more creative, and the idea came to me.

FTG: What was the hardest thing about coordinating Street Clash?

SC: Deadlines! Most street fashion bloggers can post whenever they have time, but for Street Clash, I have to get things done by a certain time of the day, or the votes will be thrown off. Not the most accomodating system, but I'm working on some alternatives.

FTG: Is there anything you'll do differently next time?

SC: Next time around things will be easier, since the blog has established a name for itself. Anyone is free to enter, of course, but I'll be a bit more selective about the blogs that will participate, and make sure they're serious about it.

FTG: Do you have any predictions as to who will win?

SC: I know who I'd like to win, and who will probably win, but I'm supposed to be objective, so I'll keep quiet.

FTG: What do you think are the essential elements of a great street fashion blog? Why do you think street fashion blogs are becoming so popular?

SC: That the photographers have a good eye is the most important, of course. But also a knowledge of framing within the photos, and a dedication to the project. People want updates, so you have to keep on top of things!

As for popularity, a lot of people are using these blogs for inspiration for their own style. It's a way of cataloging what we see on the streets for reference later on. And, in a way, it's become an art form in and of itself, depending on the skill of the photographer of course.

FTG: Given the increasing popularity and press coverage of street fashion blogs, what type of role do you see these blogs playing in the future?

SC: It's hard to say how long these blogs will be around for. Since Street Clash has started there have been at least 20 more that have started, but many of those have already fizzled out. It is clear that the fashion industry is already making use of these images in advertisements and in new collections.

FTG: Do you have any advice for street fashion bloggers?

SC: Stay dedicated and be selective!

FTG: Is there anything else you'd like to share?

SC: Street Clash is moving soon (you heard it here first)! For the Canadian readers, look out for 2threads.com Canada, a project I'm working on. Street style, party, and fashion photos from Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal. It's gonna be big.
** I would like to personally thank Darryl for his time and for bringing so many great street style blogs together for this competition.
Now go and vote for your favorites over at Street Clash!