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Monday, November 5, 2007

Be My Guest, Finally

It's taken about two months, but my guest bedroom is finally done. I am so excited! All the new furniture is in and many boxes have been unpacked. Although the headboards that I originally chose were discontinued, I'm very happy with the ones I picked to replace them.

Here are the before photos of the bedroom. As you can see, the furniture is a mismatched collection of bookcases, a dresser, a desk surrounded by computer equipment, and an antique dresser. The headboard on the right is actually the same one I had as a small child. Thanks to craigslist, I was able to sell several pieces and make some fast cash, while giving the furniture a new home.

bedroom redecoratingBelow are the after photos of the bedroom. All of the bedding is from delia*s, the lamp and bookcase are from Target, and the rest of the furniture is from the Stanley Young America "Isabella" and "Caroline" collections. Now I have more options in terms of clothing storage with the two large dressers and the nightstand. It feels so good to have a room in which everything coordinates! I'll be proud to show the room to guests, as it looks organized, comfortable, and chic. My intention was not to make the room too girly, so I went with the black and white color scheme. I'll probably add some more small accessories to personalize the room and add some more color over time.

bedroom redecorating The bed on the right in the above photos is brand new and is slightly taller than the one on the left because it has a thick pillow-top. I am pleased that my friend S.R. was the very first person to sleep in it and gave it a thumbs up.

bedroom redecorating