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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Window Shopping - London

It may be hard to believe, but although I returned from London almost two weeks ago, I still have many fashion photos left to post. Ever the multi-tasker, I tried to photograph as many store windows as possible despite being weighed down by shopping bags. You can relive my shopping experience as you view some of my favorite London store window displays.

Butterfly blouse at Urban Outfitters, Kensington High Street
This multi-level store carries labels such as See by Chloe and Cheap Monday. Although some of the merchandise is the same as in the States, it's quite different from American Urban Outfitters stores. There is a vintage section and a selection of more high end designers.

Pink swimwear at the Primark flagship, Oxford St.

Blue plaid trapeze top and pear necklace at Oasis, Oxford St.

Shiny accessories at Accessorize