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Thursday, June 7, 2007

On the Streets of London

What I loved about London is that I always found fashionable females in various parts of the city at unexpected moments. As my camera was always in hand, I tried to be ready for the next unsuspecting fashion subject. Many such people would cross my path as I was shopping, sightseeing, eating lunch, or touring various London landmarks. At times I was overwhelmed by the sheer creativity and boldness of the street styles. It was quite a contrast to California, where many a girl wears oversized designer shades, flip flops, the latest designer denim, and a tunic or casual top. Oh yeah, don't forget the compulsory bleach job or the mini "dog" (which often resembles a rodent) in the expensive designer handbag. Like a breath of fresh non-smoggy air, London girls aren't afraid to accessorize with tights, scarves draped creatively around their necks, funky sunglasses, bold jewelry, and mod boots. I noticed that even when the weather was mild, they still wore layers of clothing, including jackets, scarves, leggings, and other warm weather staples. I guess what I read in one of my tourist guides about women in London showing more skin may not always be true. They seemed to be more confident just being stylish and not by showing skin, which I admire.

London street style

Printed skirt and mauve boots on the Millennium Bridge

London street style Gold dress and printed scarf near Brick Lane

London street style Red jacket and colorful bohemian skirt on Portobello Road

London street style
White legwarmers with leggings and shorts on the way to the Portobello Road Market