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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Look for Less - Chloé Nile Ring Handle Bracelet Bag

When Chloé releases a new bag, it's destined to become an instant street style favorite. While the Faye and Drew styles are still prominent, the Nile bag is the latest must-have handbag by Chloé. Featured in the spring ad campaign, the new Chloé Nile bag pairs well with breezy, embellished looks for spring and summer. 

March 4, 2018 update - Shop the newest styles of the Chloé Nile bag:

Chloe Nile Bag Ad Campaign spring 2017

The Chloé Nile bag has been spotted on the likes of Aimee Song, Solange Knowles, Leandra Medine and many of your favorite bloggers. With its chic ring bracelet detail, distinctive half moon shape, and diminutive size, it's the ideal antidote to oversized bags of previous seasons. No more rummaging around to find things, since this bag carries just the essentials. How's this for versatile? A detachable/adjustable strap means it can be worn on the shoulder, crossbody, or carried on the arm, bracelet style. Or, double up like Aimee Song and carry two bags in contrasting colors or sizes for maximum style impact. Browse the grey color, the black, or the brown style.

Chloe Nile Bag Street Style Outfits

images via Pinterest

Shop the real deal:

The Look for Less

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March 27, 2018 update - Get the look for less by A New Day at Target as pictured below:

A New Day TargetRing handle Bags, Chloe Nile bag dupes

Above, top row:
Metal handle satchel in red or in black, $26.99
Double flap shoulder crossbody bag in black or white, $29.99

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September 6, 2016 update - Shop the new Chloé Pixie bag and see how to get the Pixie bag look for less.

August 1, 2017 update - Shop this new style pictured below (also in black) by Who What Wear under $27:

who what wear ring crossbody bag, Chloe Nile bag dupe replica

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May 1, 2017 update - I just got this version in blush pink for under $30. It also comes in pale grey as pictured below.

Chloe Nile ring bracelet bag dupe by Cesca at Target

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