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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Look for Less - Chloé Lauren Espadrille Wedge Dupes

The Chloé Lauren espadrille wedge sandals from last year are still going strong as we approach summer 2017, and it's obvious why. The simple ankle strap, comfortable platform silhouette, and classic espadrille construction are ideal for casual spring and summer looks. The Chloé 'Lauren' wedges have a pretty scalloped detail and look easy to walk in because of the 2" platform. The tried-and-tested espadrille wedge design is easy to style season after season with all your warm weather looks. I adore how the bloggers pictured below all paired their Chloé wedges with laid-back denim looks, saddle bags, white blouses, and beachy hair. 

Chloe Lauren espadrille wedges, Chloe Lauren sandal outfits

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The Look for Less

If you don't have $660 to spend on the real deal, there are plenty of options to get the look for less. I've scoured the best online retailers to find Chloé Lauren dupes under $150. I bought these wedges by Indigo Rd. in 2017 and you can shop them under $70 in a taupe color. 

Chloe Lauren espadrille wedge sandal dupes replicas
While the designer version has a price point over $600, I found these Chloé Lauren dupes for $40 pictured above and this style for $36. They have scalloped edges just like the Chloé versions and come in black or blush. 

Or shop these styles under $150:

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Chloe Lauren espadrille wedge sandal dupes

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