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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Target Trendspotting - What To Wear for Workouts

The start of the new year often sparks new fitness goals for many people, and since staying active (and stylish) is  an important part of my daily life, I've put together a pink-themed outfit idea for working out. Top priorities for me when choosing activewear are comfort and functionality. Looking cute and being comfortable while exercising shouldn't be mutually exclusive, and fortunately, Target's C9 by Champion line carries plenty of fun fitness options.

what to wear for working out, cute fitness fashion for Women at Target
I love to wear leggings while cycling because they don't get caught in my bike chain and their slim fit reduces wind resistance. Also key for outdoor exercising: protection from the elements in the form of sunglasses, a hat, and a pullover or jacket. 

Shop the look:
1. pullover
2. sunglasses
3. hat
4. racerback tank
5. digital watch
6. iPod Nano armband
7. leggings
8. sneakers

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