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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Target Trendspotting - Spring Boots

I love boots. I always have, always will. Why? Maybe it's the protection from the elements that they provide, or the fact that most boots allow you to wear socks (which adds comfort). You just pull them on or zip them up and go. Boots - especially ankle boots - have an undeniable cool factor and they can instantly make your look edgier. I love to take a printed dress and juxtapose it with laid-back low-heeled ankle boots for daytime. Alternatively, I enjoy dressing up my skinny denim with high-heeled boots for a night out.

Below, seven styles of ankle boots I'm eyeing for spring 2014 at Target.

see the best selection of spring 2014 boots at Target
1. perforated with buckles
2. perforated peep-toes
3. rugged with studs
4. Western with studs
5. moto boots
6. stacked heel peep-toes with snap back strap (also comes in cognac, blue, and black)
7. versatile booties with metallic accent

See more styles I love for spring: