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Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday On State

I took advantage of the cool weather and the scarce crowds this past Saturday and spent some time on State St. in Santa Barbara. There were so few people out and about that I even had the chance to dine at the impossible-to-get-into Palace Grill for Cajun cuisine. I scoped out a few store windows that appealed to me and finished the day off with a slice of savory sweet potato pecan pie.

Above - bold colors and prints at Yellowstone Vintage

Below - blue hues at Bebe

Yellowstone Vintage

As far as street style, I spotted many women wearing: leggings with jersey tunics, UGG-ly boots, skinnies with ballet flats, printed canvas totes, and quite a few lightweight printed scarves worn in various manners. Not exactly cutting edge, but definitely the laid-back trendy ensembles that I'm used to seeing in southern California beach cities.