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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How To Wear Socks With Your Spring Footwear

As I take the time this week to browse through a pile of fashion magazines including French Glamour, Spanish Glamour, Australian Vogue, and Elle Accessories, I've noticed a trend that's been building for months - socks are being worn with sandals and other forms of spring footwear. While this trend is not for everyone, it's certainly for those who are young at heart or want a playful look for spring...or for those who haven't taken the time to get a pedicure! Sometimes the straps on my sandlas dig into my skin, so for me, socks offer a practical and comfortable approach to wearing warm weather footwear. Other times I just want to add a whimsical/quirky touch to my outfit and printed socks can do just that.
socks with sandals
For those who are resistant to this trend, I sugggest starting out with a pair of flesh-toned socks or tights so that the look is more subtle. This is what I've done in the top left picture. In the photos on the top right and in the middle I've paired printed socks from dELiA*s and Old Navy with both open and closed-toe footwear. I think it looks best when the socks are thin and not too tall. I can remember pairing two different colored socks on each leg back in the '80s and I'm trying to avoid that scrunchy/aerobics/Flashdance effect here. When executing this trend, I also recommend toning down the rest of the outfit to avoid looking like you're in elementary school. So I'd suggest no pleated mini skirts, Peter Pan collared blouses, or juvenile hairstyles. A casual knee-length day dress or cropped trousers would add a sophisticated touch to the look. In addition, socks and tights should not be worn with this season's popular gladiator sandals, as it just doesn't look right in my opinion. I think that the sturdier the shoe, the better it will look when paired with socks. I'm trying to imagine some delicate strappy stiletto sandals with socks and it's not a look I would try. I'd stick to heftier shoes such as wedges, stacked heels, or sculptural heels. If you're brave enough to try this trend, remember it's all about having fun and showing off that legwear and footwear.