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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You Be The Judge...

bow necklace
While browsing Forever 21's website, I came across a necklace which looks uncannily similar to a $35 necklace Dominique Cohen did for her collection at Target. Forever 21's version (which costs just $5.80) consists of a metal bow pendant on a strand of faux pearls. While it's not an exact copy, it makes me wonder...coincidence or inspiration? It reminds me of this company I used to work for where my boss would ask me to buy an item from a chain store and ship it to the office in China so they could have it "replicated" by a factory over there. This leads me to ask, is Forever 21 actually feeling the heat from Target's designer capsule collections and knocking them off? A couple of weeks ago I spotted a denim vest with suspender straps in F21 that looked very similar to the striped vest Libertine did for their GO International collection at Target. Hmmm...
Do you think that fashion designs should be subject to copyright protection? Or should companies and designers be able to "borrow" from each other's creations?
Photos from forever21.com and target.com