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Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Shopping

As exciting as shopping is for me, there is one downfall - a pile of laundry to do when I get home and remove all the tags from my purchases. Ever since I took a Microbiology class in my freshman year of college, I've been very conscious of the fact that bacteria exist - everywhere - especially on garments that have been hanging on store racks and that may have been touched my many shoppers. So it is unusual for me to buy something, bring it home, and wear it right away. Exceptions to this rule would be jackets or other outerwear.

With holiday dinners and events on my mind, my latest purchases have been festive. I caved when I saw this amazingly soft faux fur leopard jacket at Reference in Santa Barbara. It feels so soft against the skin and when paired with gloves, it will make a great cover-up for cold winter nights when I want a glamorous look.

While the bubble-hem trend was never one of my favorites, I liked the jeweled neckline and cheerful crimson hue of this top, also from Reference. To define the waistline, I could add a scarf worn as a belt.

To be able to find a great-fitting pair of jeans for $25 these days is a feat unto itself. Old Navy certainly impressed me this season with their metallic bootcut jeans. Although I had to go a size down, the fit is great - slim in the thigh, snug in the waist, and perfectly placed back pockets. In the past, I've noticed that their jeans will fit fine everywhere except for the thigh or the waist, where they're sometimes a couple of inches too loose. At $25, you can buy three pairs and not feel guilty!