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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Window Shopping in Santa Barbara

I enjoyed a fulfilling day in Santa Barbara which included a film (The Bucket List, directed by Rob Reiner, which I highly recommend), food, and some fun (in the form of shopping, of course). The new Old Navy on State St. did not disappoint, as I stocked up on quilted jackets (for only $25), metallic jeans (also for $25), and gifts for the family. I didn't forget about my readers, as I managed to photograph some store window displays despite being bogged down by armfuls of shopping bags. Yes, it was a good shopping day in Santa Barbara!

Rich textures characterize elegant evening styles in ebony and ivory at Wendy Foster.

Evening and holiday looks at Bebe.

So here's my shopping recap: The tuxedo trend seems to picking up strength at Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, and Reference. Yesterday I picked up a chic tuxedo vest at Old Navy for under $30. They also have pencil skirts, tuxedo trousers, and a great tuxedo blazer for $25. I think it's a versatile, classy look that could transition well from the office to happy hour.

Also going strong are sequins, rhinestones, and gemstones as embellishment on everything from clutches to dresses to sweaters. I've even seen sequin vests at Urban Outfitters and at Wet Seal.

Jewel tones and satin fabrics dominated the racks at Reference, where cornflower blue mingled with fuschia and deep shades of purple. I bought a great lantern-sleeved faux fur leopard jacket at Reference, as I still cannot get over my obsession with animal prints. At the Betsey Johnson store on State St., flowy silk dresses and animal print handbags were drool-worthy. If only I could drop $500 on a dress...

I still haven't removed all the tags and laundered everything, but pictures of my purchases will be posted soon! Happy shopping!
*Just a friendly reminder - in order to discourage the theft of my photos, I have added a "FTG" watermark of sorts on each of my photos. My hope is that people will respect the fact that my photos are legally protected by copyright and will not copy them so that they show up elsewhere on the internet. I am an avid reader of fashion blogs and I spend endless amounts of time on the internet, so if you're thinking about taking my photos without permission, I may catch ya!