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Monday, December 31, 2007

San Francisco's Maiden Lane

This time around in San Francisco I explored Maiden Lane, which is located in the Union Square area. Once an alleyway for "ladies of the night", it is now a picturesque row of high-end boutiques.

The 3 photos above are of the Hermes boutique's window displays. I've noticed recently that vintage-looking bicycles (as well as Vespas) are showing up more in store window displays. Perhaps it is the influence of the Sartorialist's many bicycle photos.

Wall of candy (I mean handbags) at Marc Jacobs. This photo is dedicated to my friend S.R., who is quite the handbag afficionado.

More from the Marc Jacobs boutique above and below.

The next 2 photos below are from the Chanel boutique.

San Francisco's only Frank Lloyd Wright building, the Xanadu Gallery pictured below.

Xanadu Gallery