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Sunday, November 18, 2007

GO Erin, GO Target!

I was so anxiously awaiting the debut of the Erin Fetherston GO International collection at Target today that I dreamt about it last night. Swirling Peter Pan collared dresses and playful prints danced around in my slumbering thoughts. I even woke up early so I could get to my local Target before the masses start their Sunday afternoon shopping. It was worth it because the racks were relatively untouched by the time I got there at 10am. (In my semi-paranoid mind, I thought it might be possible that all of the pieces that I wanted in my size would be sold out. But in reality, this wasn't exactly Cavalli for H&M. Some of the Target employees that I spoke with have not even heard of Erin Fetherston! And the women in my community aren't exactly fashion-forward shopaholics like myself, so they weren't breaking down the doors this morning to check out the new GO International line.) In my store, they had all the sizes in everything that was displayed except the ivory wool bubble-shaped coat. Someone (perhaps Target employees?) had snagged up all of the size smalls. I tried on an extra small and it was huge on me. If I weren't so petite, I would have bought it, but the coat practically swallowed me up. The same goes for the sizing on the black wool coat with the heart pockets. Too big for a petite person like myself!

Perhaps the reason why I like the collection is because the velvet blazers, puff-sleeved shirts, dresses, and jumpers stay true to Erin Fetherston's design aesthetic. The most costume-y piece is the charmeuse jumper which comes in silver or red. Although cute, it seems like a hard look for an adult to pull off. I fell in love with the Erin logo T-shirt, although I'd rather see it in cotton instead of stretchy modal. I also loved the red silk charmeuse Peter Pan collar dress (seen in the ads and pictured below), although I'd never wear something that flashy. I know if it were black or navy I would have bought it.

Although I approve of Erin Fetherston's sweet, childlike designs for the GO line, I found the quality and the fit to be quite poor and unpredictable. (This comes as no surprise when you're paying next to nothing for a big designer at a mass reatiler.) For example, when I went to unbutton a shirt in the dressing room, the button fell right off. Furthermore, the gray cardigan that I eyed in Target's online photos was already starting to become fuzzy when I inspected it on the racks. As far as sizing, I had to go up on some of the tops and down on the dresses. As a reference, I normally wear a size small in tops and a size 5 or 7 in dresses and bottoms. Fortunately, they allow 6 items at a time in the fitting rooms.

Erin Fetherston for TargetHere is the chiffon layered dress from the ads. I tried a size 3 and the fit was loose under the arms, which surprised me. I was happy with the color (the lavender is gorgeous) and the quality of the fabric, but the cut did nothing to flatter my figure, so I didn't buy it. Please exuse the horrible lighting of the dressing rooms. The top layers of this dress are actually a faint shade of pink.

Erin Fetherston for Target I also tried on the black velvet and satin skirt. It also runs big, like the dresses. I think it would be cute on someone who doesn't have hips, as it adds volume in the hip and thigh area.

Erin Fetherston for Target Here is the red silk charmeuse dress from the ads. Although I liked it, the color combined with the shine makes it too flashy for me. I think it would make a great holiday party dress on someone who wants a fun, youthful look.

Erin Fetherston for TargetToday I wore my new red velvet shorts from the collection with some tights underneath and the Erin logo T under a black jersey top. The red velvet shorts remind me of Alice in Wonderland. I really like the pleating in the front and the cuff detail.
Erin Fetherston for Target
This is the shirt where the button fell off. I went down a size to an extra small because this style runs big. It's longer in the back than in the front and has some nice pleating in the front for added shape.

Erin Fetherston for Target I adore this versatile Erin logo T. The only thing that I don't like is that I would prefer it to be made of cotton instead of modal, which tends to be too stretchy for my taste. I bought a size medium because the shirt is cut pretty narrow.

Erin Fetherston for Target How adorable is the velvet bow on this long-sleeved T? It would look good with the black velevet trousers (which I didn't buy) in the collection.

Erin Fetherston for TargetThe thermal tops run small, and like the Erin logo T, are not made of cotton. The thermal pants run true to size. I bought both the heart print and the bunny print. I noticed that other shoppers were calling these "pajamas", but they'll work well as daywear layered under dresses, shorts, and T-shirts.

Erin Fetherston for Target

Many of the pieces in the Erin Fetherston collection merchandise well together. While I wouldn't normally dress head to toe in a GO designer's pieces, I may make an exception with Erin Fetherston's collection. The bows, hearts, and Peter Pan collars definitely appeal to the inner five-year-old within me. For women with a youthful energy, long legs, or a desire to look sweet and feminine, this collection is a thumbs up! It's my favorite GO International collection so far. Happy shopping! If you went crazy over this collection like me, let me know what you bought and what you passed on!