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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Enamored with Erin Fetherston's Collection

Perhaps I'm enamored with Erin Fetherston's collection for Target. I went to Target tonight to exchange my Erin Fetherston thermal tops because they run small and not surprisingly, they only had one lonely thermal top left on the racks - a size extra small in the bunny print. Based upon what I observed during my quick once-over of the racks, the Erin logo T-shirt was sold out, the lavender layered dress was sold out in sizes 3 through 7, and the ivory wool coat was completely sold out.

On the other hand, there were plenty of: the red silk charmeuse Peter Pan collar dress, the black jacquard jacket with the bow, the black wool coat, the red and silver charmeuse jumpers, the velvet blazers and pants in black and in blue, the red velvet shorts, the long-sleeved T-shirts with the bow in the middle, and most of the balloon-sleeved tops in black, gray, and pink. It looked like the thermal tops and pants were the bestsellers so far. I was completely excited to see 3 of the heart handbags on the rack - 2 in ivory and one in red. I swooped in and grabbed one in each color. One of the pieces that I coveted most in Erin's collection is the ivory heart handbag. I also wanted the heart scarf in gray, but upon closer inspection, it looked like the sweaters in the collection because it was fraying already, so I passed on it.

Erin Fetherston for TargetI tried on the layered dress in the gold color. A size 3 fit well to my surprise, but the cut did nothing to flatter my figure, so I decided not to buy.

Erin Fetherston for Target

Erin Fetherston for TargetI also tried on the bunny print dress, which was available in most sizes. With all of the great reviews that I've read about this dress, I expected it to be sold out in the smaller sizes. The belt helps to create a nice fit around the waist and the skirt flares nicely around the hips. At any rate, a size 3 fit well, the fabric felt good, but I wasn't crazy about the print. On someone else, it would look cute with the pink balloon sleeved top layered underneath.

Erin Fetherston for TargetThe heart handbags were larger than I expected. Both have a zippered pocket and two patch pockets inside. The red bag has a cute heart fabric lining, while the ivory one has the Erin logo fabric inside.

Erin Fetherston for Target