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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Santa Barbara Style - A Mouse On A Cat On A Dog

mouse on cat on dog Santa Barbara

While the photo above may not look interesting, there's an interesting story behind it. Walking down State St. today in Santa Barbara, I saw a man walking his dog. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't just a dog. It was a dog with a cat on its back, and the cat had a mouse on its back! If this representation of the pet food chain wasn't enough, the man walking these 3 animals also had a bird perched on his shoulder. As he walked by, many a pedestrian turned their heads and commented in awe. It was the cutest and the strangest thing I've seen in weeks. All of the animals looked so calm, and the man appeared oblivious to all the attention. It was as if his pets inherited his docile nature! I wanted to snap a photo as he walked by, but I didn't have time to dig into my overstuffed handbag. Fortunately, I saw the man later eating on a bench while his pets rested. It's hard to see the mouse, but it's white and I circled it in pink. **October 29th update - I have noticed that due to the popularity of this post, people are reposting this blog entry in forums and on message boards. THAT IS ILLEGAL unless you have my permission. Please read my legal note on the blog's sidebar. If you'd like to post a link to this blog, that is fine, but do not duplicate any content WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

I didn't shoot any street style, but I did a little bit of shopping. I was disappointed in the product offerings for the most part, but I bought a Manoush jacket from Anthropologie that I had admired from afar last week. It was on sale, and I'll post photos later.

As far as trends, there were leather bomber jackets, sweater tunics, colored skinny jeans, and plenty of berets at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Reference, Gossip, and Angl. Sequins are also going strong, as are metallic boots (seen at Aldo). Bebe had a lot of hot pink and red in their garments, along with a variety of bold graphic prints and some faux fur-trimmed jackets. At Reference and Bebe, many a top and dress included jeweled accents near the neckline or bodice. Satin and silk tops and dresses also seemed to dominate the racks at Bebe and Nordstrom. I noted tailored menswear vests at Gossip and Urban. Overall, I was bored with the fall trends and didn't buy much...until I got to Target, that is. More photos and details to come soon!