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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Be My Guest Part 2

If you've been reading FTG lately, you probably know that I've been shopping for new furniture and accessories to redecorate the guest bedroom. This week seems to be a good week for me when it comes to furniture shopping. It's true that Labor Day brings lots of sales and it's a great weekend to shop! I'm excited that my local furniture store was offering half off on the Stanley Young America collection. I picked out two headboards (pictured below, except in white) from the Ma Marie collection. After the sale, both of them came out to $390. I think that's a great price for two twin headboards! Without the sale, they would have been more than $800. Yea, it always feels good to save money.

shabby chic

I also got this bookcase from the Simply Shabby Chic collection at Target. It too was on sale, for $30 off the regular price of $200. I'll be able to fit a ton of books, magazines, and some cute accessories on the four shelves. The drawer at the bottom will be useful for storing other things out of sight. Since the bookcase is tall and narrow, it won't take up a lot of valuable wall space in the bedroom, which is pretty small. Although the room will be used for occasional guests, its main function is for storage. I'm ashamed to admit that my room is overflowing with apparel, shoes, and girly knick-knacks. The guest room will allow me to better organize and store some of the things that I don't use everyday. My goal is to make it look tasteful, comfortable, and organized. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for before and after pictures.

shabby chic
Photo credit: youngamerica.com and target.com