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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Window Shopping - In Person vs. Online

I've never been much of an online shopper due to my strong preference for the tactile experiences that in-store shopping affords. Sometimes quality, construction details, and fit cannot be assessed accurately through an online photo. I prefer to do my "window shopping" online and then visit the store in person to inspect the goods and make purchases. My exception to this habit is when brick and mortar stores do not carry the merchandise that they have on their web stores, or when I am not in close proximity to the store's physical location. Take delia*s, for example. They do not have any stores on the West Coast, otherwise I'd probably be shopping there at least twice per month. I've ordered from them before, and I am satisfied with their customer service and their user-friendly website. Unfortunately, the adorable cameo pillow that I recently ordered is on backorder. I guess everyone else finds it to be as charming as I do. Ahh, the pitfalls of shopping online.

On to another place that I enjoy shopping - Urban Outfitters. Their store selection can vary greatly depending upon the location which you visit. I have noticed that the Santa Barbara store carries different merchandise from the nearby Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley locations. They have a high merchandise turnover so I know that if I like something, I should not hesitate to buy because I may not find it somewhere else. (For example, the sequin beret they recently had at the Santa Barbara store sold out and none of the nearby stores stocked it.) Often, their web store carries items that their physical locations don't. Pictured below are a couple of things that would look good in my guest bedroom.

Photo credit: delias.com and urbn.com