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Friday, August 3, 2007

Urban Style

When I tire of the usual selection of printed tops, flimsy tunics, and short shorts, Urban Outfitters offers a refreshing and inspiring look into upcoming trends. When I returned from London, I noticed that the displays in stateside Urban stores looked like many of the girls that I would see in Kensington, Knightsbridge, or Oxford Circus. For example, that signature fringed scarf tied bandit-style around the neck, skinny jeans that were cropped at the ankle, or colorful footless tights with ballet flats. When I'm looking for an up and coming trend, Urban is the first place to look. Their displays are original, creative, and edgy. Whether I'm looking for a tongue-in-cheek graphic T, a knit beret, or some fun necklaces, I rarely leave the store empty-handed.

Urban Outfitters store window display

Gray vests, graphic prints, and straight-leg jeans at the Urban in Santa Barbara. Have you started your fall shopping yet?