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Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Dance Move

Fiesta 2007 in Santa Barbara:

Imagine that you're in the back of a nightclub (Tonic at 634 State St.) waiting for your friend to come back from the bar. The club is near capacity and everyone seems to be having a blast. As you look around towards the front, you notice something very odd. The DJ has stopped playing and you can't see anybody on the dance floor. The mass of people who were just dancing are now on the floor, kneeling and crouching. Then security personnel begin waving their flashlights and yelling for everyone else in the back of the club to get on the floor. "Everyone on the floor!! Now!!" No joke. That can mean only one thing. In Santa Barbara? Wow, I guess so. I thought there would be chaos. But nobody panicked, they just migrated toward the patio in the back after a few minutes.

FYI for all of you planning on going to Fiesta this weekend in Santa Barbara. I usually don't write about non fashion-related topics, but this is important.

Last night someone was shot and killed during the height of the Fiesta festivities on State St in Santa Barbara. When my friend and I left the club, several law enforcement personnel were asking everyone if they had seen anything. Yeah, I saw several hundred people do a new dance move - they hit the floor like we were in a war zone. In all seriousness, the SBPD was not divulging any info about what happened, so I'll break it down for you right here. The area outside Tonic was swarming with law enforcement and the area was blocked off in an effort to contain the crime scene. Tonic was also not allowing anyone to leave the club after the incident. Tonic also restricted movement throughout parts of the club after the incident. We were basically on lockdown. Given the hordes of people who come out to celebrate during Fiesta (a 5-day cultural celebration), many thousands of lives were potentially at risk. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil it for everyone else. I'm grateful that I arrived early, and even though I wanted to leave after all the drama, I still had a good time on the dance floor.

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