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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Perfect Party Top

Forever 21 sequin stripe tank top
I like to think of myself as the type of person who is organized and prepared for unseen events that may take place in my life. For example, I usually keep a change of clothes (aka a wardrobe change) in my car just in case something gets dirty, doesn't meet a dress code, is too dressy or too casual, etc. Well last week was an anomaly in the sense that I found myself scrambling to buy a nightclub-appropriate top for an unplanned night of partying in good old Orange County. So I headed over to Forever 21 for a quick look around. As luck would have it, they had just received a fresh shipment of cheap and chic party attire. I found this slinky sequin racerback tank crammed onto a rack filled with black party tops and knew it would be a winner. The black and silver color combo gave it versatility to go with a wide array of wardrobe options. That night, I paired it with my bright blue skinnies from Topshop, some patent Mary Janes, a lemon yellow patent clutch, and an oversized peach flower ring that I also scooped up at Forever 21. It's the perfect party top that will carry me into fall - it's shiny, sexy, and shows just the right amount of skin. At a mere $29.80, I'll have money left over for martinis!
Photo credit: forever21.com