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Thursday, July 12, 2007

LF Style

LF Santa Barbara It seems that the only place to find high-waisted suspender shorts in Santa Barbara right now is at LF. I photographed these cute suspender-styles last Sunday. I like the color combination of gray with light teal. The yellow tank layered underneath provides the perfect splash of bright color to offset the muted gray. I'd probably pair this outfit with some colorful printed wedges. However, at a price of upwards of $150, I am going to wait until this particular style hits the lower-end retailers.

LF Santa Barbara I would pair this black suspender-style skirt with some flat scrunchy boots and a sleeveless ruffled top for extra femininity.

LF Santa Barbara Yellow - my favorite color of the season! I like these wedges almost as much as the yellow slingbacks I recently bought. Yellow is a great mood-changing color and it attracts lots of attention. If you're shy, try it in small amounts such as part of a print or on a necklace or earrings.

LF Santa BarbaraLF also has a great selection of handbags which are quite overpriced, in my opinion. Each time that I shop there, it inspires me to shop at vintage stores to see if I can find similar styles at 1/10th the price. For example, years ago I wanted a Boy Scout shirt. LF had a cute one with patches for $80. A few months later I found some at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and scored one for $5. I also saw some at Yellowstone Vintage on State Street in Santa Barbara for $19. That's not to say that you shouldn't shop at LF. They have a great selection of European designers and are always a step ahead of the rest.