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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Betsey J. in SB

Betsey Johnson Santa Barbara
Betsey Johnson Santa Barbara
While taking my typical window-shopping stroll up and down State Street in Santa Barbara this past weekend, I noticed that Betsey Johnson is now occupying the retail space that was once home to Global Feet Kids. So what happened to Global Feet Kids? I'll do my best to find out...
In the meantime, sorority girls, take note!!! Betsey Johnson's whimsical, flirty designs and playful dresses are perfect for wearing to parties and events. (While I don't wear dresses very often, I did spy an adorable lavender camisole with lacy ivory trim at the Betsey Johnson outlet store in Camarillo recently.) Whether you are looking for the perfect party dress or something special and unique, you're sure to find a fun piece to satisfy your inner girly girl at the new BJ store located at 939 State Street.