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Monday, July 9, 2007

Camouflage Shorts

During my extensive shopping in London, I saw many a pair of corset-style high-waisted jeans and shorts. Some of the pairs I tried on were not so flattering and others were made of uncomfortable synthetic fabrics. So I ended up passing on this style in the hopes that it would hit the States sometime very soon. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long. I found some high-waisted cotton shorts at a new boutique in downtown Ventura that I discovered on Saturday afternoon. The boutique is called Camouflage and it is located at 248 Main Street. There - now my secret is out! It is my new favorite boutique in Ventura!

Camouflage Ventura
I wandered into the store quite by accident, as I admit that I rarely walk down this block of Main Street (west of Palm St). I was pleasantly surprised when I immediately found a couple of cotton printed tunics on the front rounder rack that cost less than $15. As I continued browsing, I saw some fabulous gray skinny jeans with rhinestone detailing on the back pockets, some great printed summer dresses for under $50, and the amazing corset-style high waisted shorts that I ended up buying for less than $25.

Camouflage is an easy store to shop because of its bright yet simple decor and its long parallel racks of merchandise. I am definitely going to return to the store when I am looking for fashion-forward and inexpensive items! I was shocked when I heard the store has been open for a year. I can't believe what I have been missing! It's hard to find high-waisted shorts out here, and the only place in which I've seen them is at Forever 21 (in icky synthetic fabrics) and at LF in Santa Barbara for upwards of $150. (I'll post photos later this week of LF's merchandise.)

For night, I may wear my shorts with my new highliter neon tank from American Apparel, a white or neon pink plastic beaded necklace and a faux tan.