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Friday, April 13, 2007

Hennes and Mauritz in O.C.

Orange County shoppers rejoice! Hennes and Mauritz is now open at South Coast Plaza and Irvine Spectrum in Orange County! No need to drive to Pasadena, Beverly Hills, or San Francisco to obtain inexpensive, trendy threads. When the Topanga Plaza location opens soon, I will certainly make the drive for loads of "cheap chic" apparel and accessories. My only concern is that with all of these southern California locations, Hennes and Mauritz may oversaturate the market, thereby losing its appeal. I like the fact that my new kelly green tote bag from Hennes and Mauritz is not on the arms of every other girl on the street. I get at least two compliments every time I carry it.

One item I have been looking for is a pair of retro high-waisted jeans like those from the See by Chloe collection. I have yet to see a great pair at a lower price point. I guess I'll have to snag a pair in London.

(Please note - due to the eccentricities and annoyances of Blogger, I was not able to post this entry when I typed "H ampersand M", so I decided to type out the full name "Hennes and Mauritz". Oh well, now we all know what "H and M" actually stands for. I love those guys!)