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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fad vs. Trend

As most fashion devotees know, trends in the fashion industry are quite often short-lived. Low-rise jeans? They are so over. Skinny jeans? They are on their way out! Fads, on the other hand, are a "flash in the pan." Before you know it, they are gone. Those rubber bracelets were one of the most recent fads that I can recall. Then everyone was making them, and then nobody was wearing them.

Being aware of what's happening on the streets is important because many fads as well as trends start here. Styles that begin on the streets are a phenomena known as the "bubble up" theory. Designers get their inspiration from so many places, and they often look to the streets because there are so many people out and about with original styles. Remember the "dookie" chains or fat shoelaces that B-boys used to wear back in the early 1980s? That's a good example of a street style that became popular for the masses.

While it's tempting to wear the latest runway styles, I want to honor those hipsters who rock their own original styles and don't adhere to the latest trends or fads. All it takes is for one person to emulate your style (or photograph you for their fashion blog), and you've made an important fashion statement.

So I'll be out with my camera, looking for you and your original style:)