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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shine On

So here is the first installment of my "How To Wear" tips. Metallics are hugely popular this season, so here are some of my opinions on how they should be worn:

1. Don't overdo it by wearing head-to-toe sparkle. Pick a handbag, a pair of shoes, or a glittery top to add glitz to your outfit. Or if you are timid, pick a garment that has shiny trim or small metallic embellishments. For those who have bolder personalities, be more daring at night.

2. Metallics look best when worn with white, black, or dark denim. Adding bold colors can interfere with the attention-grabbing shine.

3. Consider your own hair, eye, and skin coloring before choosing to wear silver, bronze, or gold. For instance, if you have cool coloring (eg., pink undertones in your skin and blue eyes) then silver is more flattering for you than gold or bronze. If you have warm coloring (eg., yellow undertones in your skin and red hair) then gold or bronze will complement your coloring.

4. Choose high-quality fabrics when purchasing metallic garments. Cheap fabrics run the risk of looking cheap when they are shiny or have sequins and other embellishments.