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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashion for Fright Night

Halloween is almost here. Whether or not you're dressing up, get inspired by scary skulls, creepy graphics, fun bunny ears, cute cupcake kits, and dramatic eye makeup. It's easy to celebrate Halloween in style with my nine spooky style picks under $150. What's not so easy? Resisting the temptation to eat the candy!

Halloween themed fashion trends for fall 2015

1. Trick or treat tee, $30
2. Alexis Bittar skull pendant necklace, $145
3. Skull print pillow, $39
4. Spider pumpkin decoration, $49
5. Lace bunny ears headband, $28
6. MAC 'Look in a box' classic eye kit, $36.50
7. Jeweled beanie (also in grey), $34
8. B.P. ankle strap heels, $59.95 (more colors available)
9. Flight 001 cupcake kit, $15

More Halloween-themed style: