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Monday, September 9, 2013

Target Trendspotting - Grunge Goddess

Having lived through the grunge movement of the 1990s, I'm pleased to see the revival of the rock-inspired trend this fall. This time around, it's more sophisticated and polished, with thickly smudged eyeliner and unwashed hair  à la Courtney Love optional. For a new "glam grunge" look that's more 2013 than 1993, I'm drawn to the juxtaposition of worn-in plaid tops over long floral chiffon dresses.

Afraid of mixing prints? Just pick pieces in the same color palette and print scale. Add a denim or moto jacket and tights for cold winter days.  Don't forget to toughen up the look with comfortable moto or combat boots and earthy accessories. For added grunge factor, style your outfit with a slouchy beanie, ear cuffs, and plenty of devil-may-care attitude.
Rock on!
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