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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Maxx-imum Labels For Less

More often than not, I have a general idea of what I'm looking for when I'm shopping. Other times, my mental shopping lists go out the window, as I'm overwhelmed by either the large size or selection of the store in which I'm shopping. A brief trip to TJ Maxx last night yielded some pleasant surprises, as I didn't find what I had in mind, but did find some rather impressive deals. As I scoured the racks, I saw labels such as Theory, J& Co., Michael Kors, Tag Jeans, American Eagle, DKNY, Apple Bottoms, and Free People. Then I laid eyes on a pair of Cheap Mondays and I blurted out loud in utter amazement. The price? Only $15. Minutes later, I stumbled upon a pair of Rich & Skinny wide-leg jeans for $40. Not bad! So what did yours truly, Poster Girl, buy? Well I picked up both pairs of jeans with a triumphant smile. Shopping at TJ Maxx has definitely improved since my last visit years ago, and so has their website. They now have an interactive online community that allows users to explore forums and polls, send alerts about their favorite finds, and interact with photos. Use it to find out what other shoppers are buying and to show off your latest purchases. With everything from bath towels and luggage to scarves and table lamps, it's hard to walk out of TJ Maxx empty-handed.

TJ MaxxAbove - designer handbags

TJ Maxx

Lots of shoes, neatly paired & organized by size

TJ Maxx Suitcases for your summer trip

TJ Maxx This silk floral tunic by Free People caught my eye at only $40

This striped woven top would make a great layering piece for summer under a crisp vest

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