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Friday, June 13, 2008

The 3 R's

reusable canvas shopping bag Lately I have been bringing my canvas totes along whenever I'm out shopping in order to reduce the amount of plastic and paper bags that I use. After peeking under the sink and seeing the outrageous amount of bags that have accumulated over the years, I'm astounded and disgusted by my previous lack of responsibility. So now I try to make it a habit to fold up a canvas bag in my handbag or put some in the car so I have them with me when I'm out shopping. On many occasions, a sales clerk will look surprised and shocked when I ask them if I can use my own bags instead of theirs. Why is this so unusual? Is it such a foreign idea to southern Californians? I should think not; I think it's time that more people start bringing their own reusable bags. For me, this is one small lifestyle change, and by blogging about it, I hope to raise awareness about the need to be eco-friendly and reduce waste. I feel so much better knowing that I've saved dozens of bags from ending up in landfills, and my goal is to continue to add more eco-friendly habits to my lifestyle.

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