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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rogan For Target - A Review

With much anticipation and excitement, I woke up early today to check out Rogan's new organic pieces for Target's latest GO International line. Given all the buzz surrounding this line, coupled with the early release at Barney's in New York and Los Angeles, I was anxious to try on the garments and feel the fabrics. I am, after all, a sucker for animal prints and big-name designers doing cheap chic lines for mass retailers. (And I'm still wondering what happened to my invitation to the Barney's L.A. event, LOL.)

So I arrived at Target early this morning, before the crowds got out of church. I was disappointed to see that many of the smaller sizes in things that I liked were already sold out. Upon inquiring, I found out that this particular store had released the line on Friday morning. Sometimes Target stores tend to do that. I was at the same store on Thursday checking to see if they had put the Rogan merchandise out yet, but I was still too early. Sometimes it pays to go before the GO release dates, as you might have first pick of all the goods.

As I browsed, I gravitated towards the printed pieces, such as the silk leopard dress, the zebra miniskirt, the tiger print graphic tee, the back-print zebra tank, the beach towel, and the leopard print shorts. None of the dresses or plain tees caught my attention, except for the gray T-shirt dress which they did not have in my size. I found that like most GO collections, the tops ran big, and some of the pieces are too boxy and might require a belt to add shape. I liked the use of organic cotton, linen, and silk, as I have always favored natural fibers as opposed to manmade ones that usualy dominate the GO lines. They're healthier, more breathable, and more comfortable. I also liked the Rogan "r" logo that's stitched on some pieces, and I liked the overlock stitching and seam details on the tank tops. Some of the tops and dresses were so lightweight and transparent that I didn't even try them on. They'd make great swim cover-ups for the summer, though. The plaid printed top and jumper were probably my least favorite, as I think plaid is better suited to fall/winter months and doesn't look good when it's done in linen.

For the most part, I think there are great casual basics in the line that will appeal to the masses, and hopefully, Rogan Gregory's line will raise awareness about wearing organic clothing, using recycled waste paper to print hang tags, and being more conscious of our impact on the environment. Many of the pieces are versatile because they come in neutral hues of black, white, ivory, or gray. If you're looking for bright summer colors, there are yellow and turquoise burnout tanks and in addition to mesh tops. As I look at the tags on the pieces I bought, I see that some of the pieces were made in China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. I hope that child labor, chemical dyes, and unregulated factories were not involved in the production of the line. Organic clothing tends to be on the pricey side, but with Rogan's line for Target, I think it proves that mass retailers can be more eco-friendly, stylish, and affordable at the same time.

Above - linen tank, $16.99 and leopard print shorts, $26.99

Rogan for Target Leopard print skinny jeans, $39.99 and back-print zebra tank, $16.99

Rogan for Target

Silk leopard print dress, $39.99

Rogan for Target Tiger print graphic tee, $16.99

Rogan for Target

T-shirt dress, $29.99

Rogan for Target

Yellow burnout tank, $16.99 (in a size too small for me) and zebra miniskirt, $34.99

Rogan for TargetPictured above - I'm still looking for the yellow tank, the T-shirt dress, and the linen sweater vest in my sizes.

Even though I tried on the skinny jeans (in the second photo from the top), I passed on them because the rise was too low. Otherwise, the fit was excellent, and I liked the "r" logo on the back pocket. Rogan, who is know for making great organic denim with labels Loomstate and Edun, also has some wide-leg trousers in the line, which I didn't try on. I was impressed with the pants, and in general, snagging a pair of Rogan jeans for $39.99 is impressive! Other cute details that I liked was the use of different colored threads on the buttons of some garments. Also, I smiled when I saw that the inside care labels say, "Garment may soon contain: grass, dirt, oil, paint, sweat, tears, rain, mud, etc. but that is up to you." That's clothing with personality!

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