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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Juicy Citrus Hues

Today as I browsed Wet Seal's website, citrus hues were on my style radar. Whether it's lemon yellow, lime green, or bold orange, these colors will get you noticed. Pair any of the bright tops I've chosen with an embellished mini skirt, motorcycle boots, a beaded necklace, and chic jockey hat for a casual, youthful look.
citrus huesPictured above:

1. Knot empire top in green, $18.50
2. Gathered front top in yellow, $16.50
3. Ruffle neck top in poppy, $18.50
4. Rose tattoo mini skirt, $39.50
5. Poplin jockey hat, $9.50
6. Biker boots, $29.50
7. Multi-color beaded necklace, $8.00

**June 1 - update - I was recently notified that this post was stolen and placed on another blog. THIS is the original post, as written by me and published on May 15, 2008. Don't be fooled by copyright-infringing Fashion Trend Guide knock-offs! THIS is the real deal!

Images from wetseal.com

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