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Monday, March 24, 2008

Target Boutique...Coming Soon?

While browsing Target's website today I came upon an image album labeled Go International Private Label Collection I. I recall reading a brief and vague blurb in Elle magazine about a Target Go collection being launched in April, so this must be it. I'm assuming it's the company's in-house designs, as there was no designer's name attached to it. With each new home furnishings, accessories, and apparel collection, Target seems to outdo itself and leave other cheap chic retailers in the dust. I love this company! They've done so many collections already that it's hard to keep up. Gryson handbags, Subversive jewelry, Loeffler Randall shoes and handbags...the list goes on and on. Most of the furnishings in my bedroom are from Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic collection, and I'm very happy with the look I've put together, as I'm quite the inexperienced interior designer.

I love Target so much that I think they should open up a new division of much smaller, more boutique-y and trend-driven stores and call them something like Targetique, Targhette (like in Italian, pronounced Tar-GET-tay), or perhaps Target Boutique. The whole Tar-jay pronunciation is so overused in my opinion. Does anybody else have any name ideas? Feel free to leave your comments!

With these new boutiques, perhaps they could use some similar visual merchandising techniques as in Anthropologie or Metropark. The stores would cater to the fashion-conscious 18 to 45-year-old demographic in suburban America. They might even offer inexpensive home design advice or wardrobe consulting services. Fashion shows would be shown on plasma tv's, and there would be a organic fruit bar, bakery, salad bar, or tea lounge in one area of the store. They might have a new line of eco-friendly cosmetics and clothing. No more Starbucks, popcorn, or pizza like in many other Targets! Maybe bands would play there on evenings or they would host mini fashion shows. The ideas are endless, but not improbable. Who knows what Target may do next? Are any Target execs out there reading this? I had this idea first!