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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nancy Reagan - A First Lady's Style - Part 1 Photos

Here is the first installment of photos from the exhibit on Nancy Reagan's style. The Reagan Presidential Library and Museum does not allow flash photography, so please excuse the yellow tones in the photos. In order to fully appreciate the exquisite detail and richly textured fabrics of the garments, I highly recommend visiting the museum in person. While you're there, you can also board Air Force One, see a replica of the Oval Office, speak with well-informed museum staff, watch a variety of short informational videos, have a huge sandwich at the cafe, and visit the burial site of President Reagan. Just beware of the rattlesnakes that supposedly lurk in the hillsides around the museum!

James Galanos evening gown

James Galanos velvet formal evening coat

Adolfo red and black velvet cocktail suit

Adolfo silk organza tea dress with sash at waist

Gridiron costume worn for performance of her skit "Seconhand Clothes" on March 27, 1982 at the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washinton, D.C.

James Galanos pleated silk cocktail dress with printed black stars and polka dots and black sash

Adolfo twill long-sleeved dress and red wool overcoat with Mandarin collar and matching headpiece

Adolfo wool crepe long-sleeved dress in blue and matching Melton overcoat with gathered waist

Oscar de la Renta linen safari-style suit

James Galanos three-piece silk day dress in green

*More pictures from the exhibit coming soon!