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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Animal Prints Make Women Crazy

Even with all of the anticipation and publicity for the Cavalli for H&M collection, I must admit that I didn't expect the collections to sell out within minutes. I knew the pieces would go quickly (within hours, I thought), but camping out overnight? Now that's dedication. After reading about how some women rushed into the stores and grabbed everything in sight without regard for sizes, I guess Cavalli brings out the animal within most women, cheesy pun totally intended! Last Thursday, when the collection went on sale, I scoured ebay for the one piece that I desire - the sleeveless ruffled tuxedo top. If it weren't for that bow tie, I probably wouldn't lust after the top so much. In fact, when I was idly browsing at JCPenney last week, I saw a sleeveless black satin top much like the one from Cavalli's collection. All I would have to do is scour JoAnn fabrics for a white ribbon or similar piece of fabric and make a DIY version of that bow tie. And as far as the animal prints in the collection go, I've been buying so many leopard-print pieces this season that it's ridiculous. Animal prints are everywhere, so the Cavalli animal print leggings, dresses, and tops didn't seem unique to me. (In fact, I'll do a future post about many of the animal print additions to my wardrobe.) Since I refuse to pay outrageously inflated ebay prices for the ruffled top, I guess I'll have to settle for the much more affordable JCPenney version...or hope that H&M restocks the collection.

Cavalli for H&M ruffled tuxedo top
I'm curious to know if any of my readers were able to shop the collection, and if so, how crazy was it? Did you buy any great pieces? And...I know it's a long shot, but if you have the Cavalli for H&M blouse that's the subject of this post in a size 4, (in white or black), and you're willing to sell it, I'm interested!