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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2016 Denim Fashion Trend Forecast

I'm just back from Magic Market Week, where I visited the Sourcing area for an in-depth look at the Aztex Denim trend galleries. This is where fabric mills, fiber companies, and garment manufacturers present the newest trends and innovations in denim. As we head into the last quarter of 2015, denim is playing an increasingly more important role in the fashion scene. In fact, there's been a recent spike in the denim market. I witnessed this firsthand as I walked the trade show floor, where I spotted array of denim on display: culottes, button-front tops, frayed crop tops, A-line skirts, pinafore dresses, 1970s flared jeans, utilitarian handbags, and just about everything imaginable that could be made of denim.

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Here's a recap of the top denim trends and highlights I photographed:

2015 denim-AztexJacket

Below, flared jeans and a jumpsuit channel the boho look at Free People.

2015 Free People denim trend forecast

2015 denim Aztex Foil

Aztex Patchwork denim trend

2015 Aztex 1970s denim trend forecast for 2016

2015 denim trends

Overall dresses (like this one) and pinafores (like this style) add a girlish vibe to the fall 2015 collections.

2015 denim trends

2015 denim trends

The flared jean is a key silhouette for Juniors for fall 2015 and moving into spring 2016.

2015 denim trends

The button-front A-line mini is another popular item. 

2015 denim trends

Slim boyfriend jeans, slouchy straight silhouettes, and boyfriend shorts also round out the mix.

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