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Monday, June 2, 2014

8 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

Let's talk beauty! Since I'm a clothes horse, much of my shopping involves apparel and accessories, but I'm always on the lookout for beauty products that help me to look and feel my best. I've been known to be fiercely loyal to a brand or product once I discover something I love, and today, I'll be sharing eight such products and why they've stolen my heart. 

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1. A great moisturizer should be exactly what Yes To Tomatoes Skin balancing Moisturizer is: natural, non-perfumed, non-greasy, and effective. I've been using this one for over two years and it's the only thing that works for keeping my forehead and hairline from getting dry and irritated.

2. Is it possible to have an effective hairspray that doesn't turn your hair into a dry, crunchy mess? I'm reminded of the good old days when I used Aqua Net for ultimate volume and hold. Things have changed since then, and this Elnett hairspray by L'Oréal does the trick, and just like the bottle says, it disappears with the stroke of a brush. No dry, crunchy hair, ever again. I like to create beachy waves with a 1.25" curling iron, spritz this on, and then brush it out for soft waves that last for days. Fun fact: I once traveled from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires (13 hours of flight time not including the layover) after using Elnett on my sideswept bangs, and when I finally arrived at my hotel many hours later, my hair was still in place! Yes, it's that good.

3. Instead of self-tanner, I really love Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs. They now make it in a non-spray bottle and without shimmer, so it's much less messy to apply and less sparkly than before. I mix some into my regular body lotion for subtle glow on arms and legs during the warmer months. I give it major bonus points for being waterproof. Tip: allow it to dry completely before getting dressed. 

4. Few products can conceal a blemish or the telltale signs of a late night/early morning better than Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer. After a Sephora sales associate recommended this and applied it on a blemish, I was sold on its ability to turn my volcanic blemish into an invisible little secret. It has a thick texture, so it needs to be blended completely, and it comes with two colors so you can customize your shade. 

5. Not yet ready to commit to the popular Urban Decay Naked palette, I bought the lower priced Basics palette instead. The neutral and matte hues are perfect for creating a light and natural day look, or a dark and smoky evening look. I use the lightest shade to highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eye. I adore it because the shadow is long-lasting and doesn't crease easily. 

6. Having tried quite a few dry shampoos, I've found this paraben-free one by Klorane to be one of the best. It has oat milk, is very gentle, it's unscented, it absorbs oil quickly, and it saves me so much time on second and third hair days. I massage my scalp after applying it, and then brush my hair with a boar bristle brush for extra volume. 

7. Avène Thermal water spray might sound like an unnecessary indulgence, but once I started using it, I couldn't imagine life without it. It's a versatile product that I store in the fridge and use frequently to set my makeup, soothe irritated skin, or cool off on a hot day. It's also perfect in the travel size for staying moisturized on long flights.

8. What's great about Nars the Multiple in Orgasm isn't just the universally flattering shimmery shade of pink it imparts, it's the fact that in addition to a great cheek color, it can also be used as a lip color, making it perfect for travel. The subtle shimmer makes a cheek highlighter unnecessary, too. Triple win!

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